Mayor Wilson Fisk has been deposed, but there’s still plenty of unfinished business for Daredevil & Co. in Devil’s Reign: Omega #1.

Though Devil’s Reign technically ended with issue six, this Omega special serves as more of a concrete ending to that storyline by wrapping up some unresolved plot threads and starting a few new ones. (If you’re asking why this issue isn’t being published as number seven instead of an omega, well, that’s just comics for you!) You’ve probably read the main event up to this point, but if for some reason you haven’t…

With costumed vigilantes outlawed in New York City, Daredevil and his super-pals found themselves at odds with Mayor Wilson Fisk and his newly-deputized Thunderbolts. Though Fisk eventually lost the crusade and went into hiding, he left a real mess of things for his new successor, Luke Cage, and the public now believes Matt Murdock to be dead—but in actuality, the corpse in the casket is Matt’s imaginary-made-real twin brother Mike, who’d been posing as him to maintain his cover as Daredevil. With nothing holding him back in New York, Matt decides to embark on a new mission with his new fellow Daredevil, Elektra: take down The Hand once and for all. 

This issue is a classic event wrap-up, meaning it plays out more like a montage of events than a standalone story or middle chapter of a larger whole. That’s not inherently a bad thing, but your enjoyment of the issue will depend on whether or not you think it’s giving you your money’s worth. (It is a hefty price tag at $5.99 USD.) The overarching plot is done; Daredevil and friends are all moving on to new adventures prompted by the events of Devil’s Reign, and it’s up to you to follow the ones you want to, if any.

Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto are continuing their Daredevil run as a relaunch, while the new Thunderbolts are set to feature in their own series soon, and it seems “Luke Cage: Mayor for Hire” is a development that might get its own spinoff as well. (One presumably distinct from the abruptly canceled Luke Cage: City of Fire.) If any of those are of interest to you, or if you want a more satisfying conclusion to this storyline, then you probably want to check this out. But if $5.99 is more than you’re willing to pay for what are essentially teasers for future titles, you won’t miss too much from skipping out.

Devil's Reign: Omega #1











  • Writers: Chip Zdarsky (“Fall and Rise”), Jim Zub (“Cleaning House”), Rodney Barnes (“Mayor for Hire”)
  • Artists: Rafael de Latorre (“Fall and Rise”), Luciano Vecchio (“Cleaning House”), Guillermo Sanna (“Mayor for Hire”)
  • Color Artists: Federico Blee (“Fall and Rise”), Dijio Lima (“Mayor for Hire”), Carlos Lopez and Java Tartaglia (“Cleaning House”)
  • Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles (“Fall and Rise” and “Mayor for Hire”), VC’s Joe Sabino (“Cleaning House”)
  • Cover Artist: Inhyuk Lee

Credits (cont)

  • Editors: Devin Lewis (“Fall and Rise” and “Mayor for Hire”), Tom Brevoort (“Cleaning House”)
  • Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
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