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Hold on to your hype it is time for the latest episode of Not Enough Resources! We have a lot of cool things in the work, so keep an eye on Rogues Portal and follow us on Twitter @NERPodcast! As always send us your comments and suggestions! You can subscribe to Not Enough Resources on iTunes or Google Play. In celebration of our 50th Episode, we have something awesome: Merch. We always sign off every episode with the same closing, and decided to turn that into something more.

These icons in both Red and Blue are available on a variety of things, like mugs and shirts via Redbubble.

With that being said, lets get to some games!

Now Playing –

Dylan goes through the woes of playing an online game with a non-existent community, on a console two generations old. Pokémon Battle Revolution was a good first attempt at online play, but now the software is basically just a husk of former greatness. Ryan has some beef to grind with J-RPG’s, specifically Kingdom Hearts 1, and the need to keep the ending of the game behind a constant pattern of 8 minute cut scene, boss, 8 minute cut scene, 2nd form of boss, 10 minute cut scene, final form of boss.

News –

Google is looking to enter the gaming space, with a really weird controller and a brand new VP to head up the initiative. Will this be a good bet, or is this another Steambox trying to enter the marketplace. In what seems like an announcement years in the making Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC! What will this mean for the future of the Halo Championship Series, and the future of the franchise? Does this signal Microsoft’s plans to step out of the hardware space? All we know is more Halo is great!

Competitive Corner –

Call of Duty wants to enter the esports scene in a big way, but with a $25 million buy in will it actually be successful? The EVO line up is leaving Super Smash Brothers Melee behind in favor of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

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