Rachelle Storm has been a fandom geek since its earliest beginnings and never stopped. Holding a doctoral degree in Writing Studies, she researches 21st Century writing in contemporary music and popular culture. In truth, Rachelle never isn’t writing or sharing her knowledge. However, on the off-chance she isn’t working or experimenting with paper and ink, you can find her at music festivals.

Check out our Q&A with Rachelle Storm, author of the Absolution series, below:

AF (Anelise Farris): For those unfamiliar with your debut novel, how do you describe the plot of Absolution?

RS (Racelle Storm): Absolution is a romance/fantasy about three immortal brothers destined to save the world and what happens when one of them complicates that destiny by falling in love. Chris and his brothers have lived a very sheltered life away from the humans they are meant to save. The first book introduces them to the real world and the humans residing in it. They are essentially banished to a small town in the middle of nowhere by the Guardians, a brotherhood sworn to protect them and their secrets, but the move just complicates their lives even more. When Chris meets Joanie McNamara, it is the first time some of the questions he has about his destiny are answered and those answers put Joanie and her family in danger in more ways than one. The series is about destiny, epic fantasy and romance, and how complicated love, duty, and the battle between good and evil can be.

AF: Where did the idea for this series originate?

RS: The main six characters had been in my mind for years, just playing around with different scenarios, settings, and plots in there. One night, it just finally clicked. I was listening to “Map of the Problematique” by Muse and the first scene in Chapter One played out in my head like a movie. Everything just fell into place after that. By the end of that night, I knew I wanted to write a series of books about the Harris Brothers and McNamara Sisters. It was just a matter of figuring out the smaller details.

AF: Joanna’s sister Vic is particularly intriguing to me, but do you have a favorite character or is one more fun to write than the others?

RS: These characters are all near and dear to my heart, but for different reasons. Chris is a cynic and questions everything around him. Joanie is on a soul-searching journey that I think many people in their twenties go on. Randy is all about duty and order because rules keep him safe. John and Stacie just want their families safe and happy. I think the main six characters allow me to explore and write in ways I enjoy, but Vic definitely is the most fun. She is witty and sarcastic. She is brave, but terrified of losing the ones she loves, so she puts up these walls to stay safe. Of course, she is also just hilarious and provides comic relief. I love writing her interactions with her sisters. The sequel will focus a bit more on her and I think a lot of readers who enjoy her character will like where the second novel goes.

AF: Do you already have the rest of the books in the series mapped out?

RS: Yes, and I have for a while now. The sequel, Revelations, comes out next summer and the other two will follow. I originally had a trilogy in mind and wrote out most of the details for the first three books, but by the time I started trying to wrap up Book Three, I realized there was a lot left to do and let the characters say, so all four books are mapped out and ready to go. I am really excited about getting to continue the story and let the readers go on that journey with the six of them.

AF: Outside of your own worldbuilding, what are some of your favorite fandoms?

RS: I fell in love with books as a young adult and really embraced mainstream book to film fandoms like Twilight, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games. I think fandoms are so important in the world and I also enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Arrowverse on CW, and even the fandom for the film Pitch Perfect. Fandom is family and I am very much a geek. Give me a world to escape into and a fandom willing to embrace me and I am there. Epic romance, tons of shipping, and epic action are what I lean toward, especially when diverse characters are explored.

AF: Where can readers follow you and your work?

RS: Readers can join the fandom at rachellestorm.com. You can also connect with me on social media through Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok (@rachellestorm42). I have an author page and Absolution Series page on Facebook and you can subscribe to my YouTube channel (Rachelle Storm) for author features and new release information.

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