In the latest episode of Dragonball Super, everything is about to go horribly wrong for the people of the present.  Black has finally appeared, but let’s go over what happens prior to that. Don’t worry, you still get a solid fight scene in this episode.

Future Trunks has awoken from his coma and come to his senses. After mistaking Goku for Black, he attacked in a rage, but Goku had no problem stopping him cold while being the innocent, naïve person he is. Merely asking Future Trunks what the issue is while holding him at bay like the tallest boy in the schoolyard, just using one hand to keep him under control and at a distance.

Beerus and Whis take an interest in the events going on, and Whis explains that messing around with time is a serious galactic offense. This backs up Jaco’s whole character as an Galactic Patrolman, as no one else has mentioned time travel trouble much and even Jaco himself has looked the other way about time travel up to this point.

As Future Trunks turns to Vegeta and calls him ‘father’, everyone (not in the know about his story) begins screaming scandal again. Pilaf’s crew is always looking for ways to make any kind of money, and they’re seeing this as an opportunity to blackmail Bulma’s family, but that idea is shut down rather quickly when Bulma puts all the pieces together for the group. Future Trunks can finally begin explaining why he came back.


Beerus and Whis once again say it’s a serious crime to time travel and someone should be punished. Bulma is chosen, and we get a funny little scene of Future Trunks begging the God of Destruction not to harm her. I mean, begging Whis. When you see the both of them together, I think anyone could make the same error.

Once again it’s explained that the machine does not have enough fuel for Future Trunks to go back, and after some side story of Piccolo and Krillin reminiscing in the fields about training, Future Trunks finally begins to explain who Black is. I thought we’d never get there! I’ve been waiting for too long it seems already.

It’s said that Black appeared basically out of nowhere one day, just showing up on Earth. Is there really any other way for Dragonball villains to announce themselves, though? Future Bulma came up with the name ‘Goku Black’, since his visage is exactly that of Goku’s, just wearing black clothing. So we, as viewers, still don’t have a real name for this character, but he seems to have accepted Black since he answered to it in the previous episode.

His first words to the planet were “And now, I will annihilate the Earthlings for the sake of justice!”  With that short speech, he began his reign of destruction, taking out entire cities on his own, using his Goku-like strength for evil instead of good. He proclaims he’s already destroyed other planets and their people, and despite Future Trunks battling him head-on for a year, he has taken out almost all humanity on Earth in the future.


Bulma speaks up as Vegeta is berating his son for running from a foe, stating her future self left a memo and notes on how to fix the Time Machine, and how to refuel it in this current era. Goku, after hearing about such a strong enemy, asks Future Trunks for a sparring match to test his power based against Black’s. This was awesome to see, I know they have the Blue forms now, but watching Goku go classic 3-stage Super Saiyan was great.

Future Trunks admits Goku is stronger then ever before (and he didn’t even transform into Blue) but still swears that Black’s power is too much. However, none of that matters, because as quickly as Goku stopped Trunks’ punch earlier in the episode, Black appears in the present! Using some sort of relic called a Ring of Time, he finds and follows Future Trunks’ to our Earth!

Dragonball Super

Once more, next week’s episode looks like it’ll be insanity. Dragonball Super has only been ramping up weekly, and it’s shaping up to be a crazy episode 50. I think that’s a fair amount of episodes to get to the new stories, especially for a show so old to come back and cover the gaps. I still haven’t seen any episodes I’d consider pure filler like Naruto or One Piece. Dragonball Super has been as solid as it’s name suggests. Super.


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