The Illusive Man stands with Donald Trump.

Trump, like he is want to do, tweeted a video with the caption “Make America Great Again”. In the video, made by Twitter user @immigrant4trump and titled “The Trump Effect”, is a rough cut of clips of Trump, his supporters, his rivals, and a collection of various news and stock footage is set to a speech by Martin Sheen’s antagonistic Illusive Man character from Mass Effect 2 and 3.

The video has since been taken down on copyright claims by EA, but it was shared over 10,000 by Trump’s supporters beforehand. The amateur video hit big with Trump’s scores of indoctrinated followers that either didn’t know or didn’t care that Trump was being compared to a shadowy, powerful, bitter old white guy that scorns other races and seeks to make one race superior to all by means as far as genocide.

BioWare employee @manveerheir has taken to Twitter about the video and EA has officially stated that: “We do not support our assets being used in political campaigns.”

But doesn’t it seem only fitting that a proud space racist like The Illusive Man would stand with Trump? Both are practising racism on an intergalactic scale after all.


Amelia Wellman
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