Vampire 101: From Scary to Sexy and Beyond

Few monster myths have been as highly romanticized as the vampire. The seductive and alluring night creature with which we are familiar, however, is a more modern incarnation of the beast, conceived at a retreat on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. There Percy Shelley, his then-lover Mary Goodwin, Lord “mad, bad and dangerous Continue Reading

Which Universal Monsters Would Win in a Fight?

When we revisit these pillars of early horror cinema, it’s striking how clearly they reflected Depression-era society’s fears back at them, and we can’t help but wonder: which of the Universal Monsters would win in a fight?

Penny Dreadful: Not Cool, Dude.

It’s not a secret that Penny Dreadful is one of my favorite shows. I was a bit behind in watching, so I just watched the finale and am now at my computer. Spoilers ahead. Lots. First of all, though it pains me to say, this season was weak, disjointed, and took plot Continue Reading

Penny Dreadful Returns: If You Haven’t Watched, Start Binging Now

Penny Dreadful, the critically acclaimed horror drama from across the pond, premiers on May 1st with an eagerly anticipated Season 3. The show has gained widespread appeal, from its use of characters from classic horror literature, to its lavish Victorian scenery and costumes, not to mention the easy-on-the-eyes cast of leading Continue Reading