It’s not a secret that Penny Dreadful is one of my favorite shows. I was a bit behind in watching, so I just watched the finale and am now at my computer. Spoilers ahead. Lots. of all, though it pains me to say, this season was weak, disjointed, and took plot leaps that made no sense. It had it’s moments, but somehow was missing that lush gothic mesmerism that hooked me in the first two seasons.

Second, not cool to end a series and not warn the audience. Way to leave us with a shock but, dude. So. Not. Cool.

Third, I’m all for a realistic ending over a happy ending, but this ending was neither happy, nor realistic. These characters have been successfully fighting the forces of hell for two seasons, and when Vanessa finally has a chance to end it all, she succumbs to Dracula within five minutes. Please. This is Vanessa Ives.

Fourth… where does Lily go? Does Ethan ever find out she was Brona, and what Victor had done? Why bring on Dr. Jekyll if we don’t get to see Hyde? And by the way, Vanessa has been reincarnated supposedly for millennia, but Ethan says she’s at peace this time? Isn’t she coming back for another go at world domination and darkness, also eternal pain and suffering? But thanks, Ethan, if you say it’s all good… etc. etc. etc.

And lastly, while religion has been a theme in the show (as is necessary since the plot involves the battle of heaven and hell) Ethan and Vanessa saying the Lord’s Prayer before the final shocker was just trite and just uuuugh.

penny dreadfulAll of this said, Penny Dreadful shall remain one of my favorite shows, and it ended fittingly, and with me crying (again), as John Clare recites a poem, I dare say I shall miss the monster poet most of all.

And, once more, to future creators and producers, don’t end an entire series without telling fans. A lot of us didn’t like that so much.

In other news, Penny Dreadful is now a comic. I haven’t checked it out yet, but pick up a copy at your LCS if you’re interested.

Nicole Bresner
Freelance painter, illustrator and comic book artist, and columns/reviews contributor to Rogues Portal. Adores all things dark, demonic and creepy. Also adores glitter. Reconcile THAT.

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