Rogues Portal Staff Picks – Week of June 10th, 2016

A week has gone by again. Here’s hoping that you have read some of our articles and listened to our podcasts as well! You know your week isn’t complete without hearing Amelia and Billy discuss Sandy Duncan’s time spent with Scooby and the gang in their podcast Scooby Dos or Scooby Don’ts. And you can’t miss our Comicsbound podcast with Stephanie Cooke gushing over the Pacific Rim sequel, as well as her, Lan, and Insha discussing comics and answering YOUR questions!  To complete the trio of podcasts, there is The Missfits, where this week Stephanie Cooke and Nikki sort fictional characters into Hogwart’s Houses.  There are three picks of the week right there!!!  We will see you next week!  No, no, no… I’m not getting away with it that easy.  Check out below for some more staff picks!

PB&JAmelia’s Pick of the Week: My pick of the week is PB & Jeff on YouTube! Comprised of PeanutButter Gamer and Space Hamster, two YouTube videogame reviewers, PB & Jeff is a Let’s Play channel that’s different than literally all the rest of them. They’ll co-op one player games like Donkey Kong Country 2 or Wario Ware over a series of episodes or grab a crappy Wii game, play it for an episode, and then move onto the next thing. The best part of the pair is that they’re obviously great friends. They’ll just talk back and forth, often distracting each other to hilarious consequences. Plus, since Let’s Play videos aren’t as heavily edited as their other pieces, it’s got a more reliable upload schedule with new videos at least twice a week. And, c’mon, if that’s not the best YouTube channel name you’ve ever heard, you’re lying.


DC9342Gregory’s Pick of the Week: My pick of the week is Detective Comics 934. Batman finds out that someone is watching all the vigilantes in Gotham City. Knowing he is not able to train the young crime fighters on his own, he brings in Batwoman to help. They work together to assemble the team and lay down the ground rules for training. The issue is a great introductory issue and and gives you the feeling that Batman knows something big is coming. Going forward the dynamic between Batman and Batwoman should make for some great story telling. In addition, the growth of the young crime fighters under the elders teaching will be fun to watch.


warcraftStephen’s Pick of the Week: My pick of the week is Warcraft. The movie may be good, it may be not so good, but it’s mandatory viewing. Chances are you’ve picked up World of Warcraft at some point even if you stopped playing it immediately. As such that should intrigue you enough to go watch. The movie is a retelling of the original Warcraft, and looks like nothing else on film. There is plenty there and even more for sequels that I’m looking forward to seeing.



SWBLJohn’s Pick of the Week:  My pick of the week is a gosh darn physical book (that I borrowed from the library no less!) and it is Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Gray. Set in that long period between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Bloodline is about an older Princess Leia dealing with a Galactic Senate torn apart by two warring political factions in the wake of The Emperor’s demise. If it sounds a little too much like the prequels for your tastes, don’t worry because there’s also espionage, space battles, and Leia being a general badass. There are also a few interesting mentions of characters we know from The Force Awakens, as well as characters from the past returning to get those nostalgia hits in as well. If you liked Gray’s last Star Wars novel, Lost Stars–and how could you not?!–then this is another must-read.


AMPSYDavid’s Pick of the Week: My pick of the week is also a gosh darn physical book (that I bought, no library for me, John) titled American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis. I have a backlog of almost every form of media and the reason why is I can’t get away from my favorites.  This will be the fifth time reading American Psycho and I am enjoying it as much now as I did the first four times. I have lost count of how many times I have seen the movie and I am not happy that I wasn’t able to make the trip to see the musical! American Psycho is about 1980’s yuppie, Patrick Bateman. Bateman earns his money on Wall Street during the day and at nights, shows his true self with torture and murder.  There is no doubt that if you are reading this right now that you have at least heard of the movie. Well, the book takes the mayhem to a whole new level and at times, it can be a difficult read. Nonetheless, this is one of my favorite novels and if you have seen the movie, I strongly suggest you read the book.  If you have done neither and like a strong dose of violence and satire then you should give American Psycho a look. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to return some video tapes.

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