Staff Picks of the Week – July 21st, 2017

Friday! Friday! Friday! It’s Friday! Is Marvel’s Infinity War trailer up yet??? We can’t wait to see what SDCC will announce this weekend! Anyway, it is time for the Staff Picks of the Week! Each week, a select few of our staff share with you what has been keeping them entertained! But first thing’s first, I always catch you readers up on what is new at Rogues Portal this week! This week we have comic book reviews for Generation Gone #1, Sisters of Sorrow #1, Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #3, Winnebago Graveyard #2, and Queen Street just to name a few. Ryan shares his First Crush. Unless you live under a rock, I am fairly sure that you heard the announcement of the new Dr. Who. Pssst…..she’s a woman! Insha explains to us The Importance of Jodie Whittaker. In gaming this week, Amelia talks about Tomb Raider III in her Gaming Retrospectives. Ryan gives us a Guide to Overwatch eSports. In TV/Movies, Christoph writes a letter to the Matrix, Samantha recaps the third episode of Will, and Rhian recaps 19 Days: Day 206. Podcasts! We have an army of them! Listen to new episodes of Scooby Dos or Scooby Don’ts, The Missfits, The Comics Agenda, and Marvel Cinematic Origins. And now it is time for the Staff Picks of the Week!

Ryan’s Pick of the Week – My pick is The Lionsgate Kaiju-Verse. I don’t know what the official brand name for this movie universe is, but to me, it is the Kaiju-Verse. Right now the Kaiju-Verse consists of an entire two films, Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island. Even though both films involve giant monsters, Kong is a great old school pulpy science fiction romp, while Godzilla is a gung-ho military tale. Watching them back to back was probably a mistake though, as Godzilla comes off as disjointed compared to the gleaming polish of Kong. I think the differences in the films can be summed up in two points: Godzilla takes place mostly at night while Kong takes place during the day, and Godzilla doesn’t really show up until the end of the second act, where as Kong shows up before the opening credits.

Also: John C. Riley is a national treasure.

Anelise’s Pick of the Week – I read a lot of horror and a lot of young adult literature, but rarely do I encounter both in the same form done well. My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix is a welcome exception. This novel is set in the 1980s, and it follows the story of Abby and Gretchen: long-time BFFs who have been through everything together. However, a bizarre incident that leaves Gretchen possessed by a demon might be the one test that destroys their friendship forever. Yes, this novel has plenty of teenage angst and 80s pop culture, but what really makes this novel work is that the horror is totally unsettling rather than cheesy. Hendrix does not come across as trying too hard to incite fear in his readers; the story does this all on its own in a subtle, affecting manner. With the right amount of shock and relatable relational drama, this is an ideal summer read: difficult to set down and perfect for curing any afternoon boredom.

Rhian’s Pick of the Week – For my pick of the week I’m choosing Keep Running: Zombie Soldier which is a Thai zombie film released in 2015. The plot follows a group of young trainees who are trying to survive in their camp whilst being haunted by a dead, prestigious soldier. The film encompasses everything I want in a film; cute guys, hilarious scenes, romance, zombies, cute boy zombies, it has them all!! It even breaks the fourth wall at times!! The acting is great and the whole film is just… so nice. The comedy scenes had me howling in some bits and some of it is really cringy. All in all a fantastic film!!

Josh Canales’ Pick of the Week– Netflix’s new comedy Friends from College is my pick of the week this time around. Created by Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco, it’s about a group of Harvard grads coming back together after everyone moves back to New York; bringing all their college drama back with them. With an awesome cast including Keegan-Michael Key and Colby Smulders, the show really succeeds in making you feel like a much better person than you were when you started watching it. These are pretty much just terrible people and it’s a lot fun to watch as things just continue to spiral more and more out of control. From adultery to a job where it is commonplace for the coworkers to pull out their genitals their lives act as an exaggerated representation of real life. While it doesn’t standout a whole lot from other similar comedies it is still well worth the watch!

Samantha’s Pick of the Week – My staff pick for the week is My Brother, My Brother and Me. This “advice” podcast is hosted by the McElroy brothers: Justin, Travis, and Griffin, and it is hilarious. They answer questions, go on wild tangents, and debate important subjects like: would centaurs win in a battle against humans on horses, or would it be the other way around? MBMBaM is fun for the whole family — literally. When my partner and I hang out with their mom, we listen to it in the car and all three of us end up in stitches. Get on it now at Maximum Fun.

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