Marvel Cinematic Origins Episode 10: Fan-freakin’-tastic Finale

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We all know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe that was kicked off in 2008 with Iron Man. But what about the Marvel films and TV movies that came before the MCU and that aren’t technically a part of it?

In this podcast, we take a look, sometimes with excitement, sometimes with dread, at the films and TV movies that are part of what we have dubbed the “MCO” or “Marvel Cinematic Origins”.

We made it to the end of our journey. Join us one last time as we take a look at the first superhero family in their various film iterations. There’s the one that was never released, the one with Jessica Alba, the one where Jessica Alba looks weird and the one that looks like it hates fun just as much as DC does. Thanks for listening! Films covered: The Fantastic Four (1994), Fantastic Four (2005), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), Fantastic Four (2015)

The MCO Team:

Paola Paulino @paopaulino

Keith Morris @KeithWTSMorris

Graham Engel

Paola Paulino

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