Jing-Wei_154370_Reborn-1Jing Wei, the newest Goddess in Smite is a high mobility hunter that has some definite negatives, but some fun positives.

She’s a lot of fun to play. She has high mobility on most of her abilities means that you’re able to get to lane quickly. That said, she has very low ability damage. If you are not hitting your basic attacks, even more than most hunters, you will not be effective. High skill players should be able to do amazing thing with her, but she is not for beginners.

Her Abilities

Rapid Reincarnation is her passive ability. She has the ability to fly for five seconds after leaving the fountain, that can be cancelled at any point. There’s a lot of potential for backing to the fountain, then ganking opponents using it. If you are not careful though, it is very easy to put her in a bad position and die quickly

Jing Wei’s one ability is Persistent Gusts, which creates a small tornado that knocks up her opponents and if she walks into she gets knocked up as well, but also gets a 25% attack boost. This is a great little lane clear, and also combos well with her three ability, her dash, to get out of bad spots. The 25% attack speed boost is huge, particularly if you’re already building attack speed.

She gets the ability Explosive Bolts for her two. This is an augment to her basic attacks that can hit up to the three players at once, increase her critical hit chance, and also does area of effect damage. This is fun, and of you hit it right can do a lot. Still, these are basic attacks, so if you’re having trouble hitting them this does not do you much good.

Agility is the name of Jing Wei’s three ability, a dash. She goes straight forward, and can go even farther if she’s already in the air. It removes basic movement impairments for five seconds. It’s a good dash, but nothing special. With her numerous ways of getting to offence, this is better to be used defensively.

Her ultimate, Air Strike, is an ability that lifts Jing Wei into the air, and has her attack an area on the ground as she flies over. When it’s done, Jing Wei has two seconds to make up a decision about where to land on a ground location of her choosing so it hits hard and also allows you to get into a better position. There’s a lot of defensive utility here, in addition to the obvious offensive joys.


Jing Wei is fun to build crit, with a bit of attack speed on her. With Explosive Bolts, increasing your crit chance has major advantages. Since she is so basic attack based, Qin’s Sai’s are almost a must, due to its passive.


Play her consistently only if you’re a really good hunter, otherwise there are other characters that are easier to play. She can be fun, but can also be dangerous.

Stephen Combs
An amateur writers based in St. Louis who would eventually like to change the amateur part, Stephen can be seen at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire as a regular cast member or online in World of Warcraft as part of guild Gnomergan Forever .

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