We all thought it was an April Fools joke, but alas, the good people of Adult Swim decided to drop a brand new episode of Rick and Morty on us! No trailers and no hint of any upcoming episode, just dropped an episode on us and it’s safe to say, the fandom went CRAZY! My Facebook was blowing up with people tagging me to the episode asking me if it was real! Personally I couldn’t quite believe it myself! After nearly a year and a half of waiting we finally get to see how Rick escapes prison?


The episode opens with the Rick and the Smiths in a family-friendly restaurant. Everything seems hunky dory until Rick asks Jerry to fold himself 12 times. It’s then made clear that this is a fever dream and that Rick is held prisoner in his own mind by a Krombopulos Michael–esque alien creature who is trying to figure out how Rick created his portal gun. But the prison is starting to grow unstable, especially as the aliens push Rick toward a psychotic break. Rick eventually takes them to a memory ‘where it all began’…

Whilst this is going on, The Smith family is falling apart under their new alien captors, except for Jerry, who loves it. The only one who seems to be concerned about Rick is Summer who is desperate to know where he is. Morty has become resentful of Rick and all that he’s been forced to go through, and tries to explain to Summer that Rick doesn’t care about anyone, not even himself. He tells her “the only grandpa who won’t let you down is buried in the backyard,” and Summer gets an idea. She digs up Rick’s bones.


I honestly didn’t have a clue on how they would have Rick escape the prison but they found a way and I was super impressed. I think any fan of the show will say that this episode was worth it’s weight in GOLD! I never experienced so many emotions from a cartoon before. It intelligent and clever and when it’s funny, it’s really funny, but when it’s sad, I’m always nearly in tears. There are some scenes (which I will not spoil for you), that will have you opened mouthed and stunned to silence, as you are not expecting them. Unlike previous episodes (to my knowledge) we had an after credit special, which left me feeling uneasy. I don’t know how to feel about it but everything will be revealed in the upcoming episodes!

If you haven’t seen it WATCH IT! I cannot recommend it enough! Worth the two year wait and we’ve been left wanting more!


Rhian Dixon
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