Star PigWriter: Delilah S. Dawson
Artist: Francesco Gaston
Colorist: Sebastian Cheng
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Cover Artist: Sara Richard
Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Publisher: IDW Publishing

In the late 21st-century, a young teenager known as Vess sets out as a new cadet on her trip to Space Camp in IDW’s Star Pig. Unfortunately, that trip gets sidetracked by a sudden collision with a massive meteor that leaves Vess drifting out into the cold, icy vacuum of space. By luck, she’s rescued by an enormous water bear that resembles a pig who passed near-by. These two drifters have found themselves in an unlikely friendship and adventure with one another as they work together in order to try to find their way back to their home planets. Delilah Dawson (Star Wars: Phasma) and Francesco Gaston (Hulk) dive into the fantastical feeling of first contact with aliens among the stars. They explore those first encounters through unexpected and engaging storytelling. Star Pig is perfect for first-time and veteran readers of the sci-fi realm and never fails to disappoint.

What I liked about Star Pig (I believe what others will too) is it’s a fresh new take on alien exploration through a teenage mind and that of an unknowing water bear who is trying to figure out how to navigate through the emptiness of space. With its uses of interesting and funny slang words and upbeat tempo coupled with nostalgic teenage moments, you feel a sense of adventure. There exists an excitement in every moment as each page passes.

From the beginning to the end, Star Pig straps you in. It tells you a story that we all wish would happen to us. That’s if we were marooned in space and had to find our way home. It would not be easy. With luck like Vess’s, we’d be sure to have the same crazy experiences out there in the stars. It’s not every day you get to meet aliens and they can speak your language.

Originally published as a four-issue limited series and now collected in trade paperback, Delilah Dawson’s Star Pig exhibits a beautifully written tale for both teenagers and young adults who are looking for something new. The pacing of the story and dialogue through the characters are synced with relevant parallels to our world and futuristic slang words that are not too far off. Moreover, the way Dawson writes aliens as obsessed with human culture and human artifacts as a rarity contributes a wonderful hint of pronoia from the human perspective.

Drawn by Francesco Gaston and colored by Sebastian Cheng, the illustrative work compliments Dawson’s script with vibrant colors. They match the tone of the story and the adventurous background attached to it. Both illustrators nailed the vision of Dawson’s creative narrative.

Shawn Lee reels in the most important parts of the story with some awesome lettering that brings the tale to life. Lee clearly knew where he needed to put his creative talent. He knew especially how to make sure that a piece of his personality blended into the dialogue. Lee’s dialogue boxes truly distinguish Dawson’s conversations in the script with distinct color-coding. It provides the audience with a sense of which alien is talking and what their own personalities are. Lee’s thoughtful lettering even blends well with the artists. For example, when Vess calls for a montage, the words “We Need A Montage” are spread out along three panels in a crazy font while also having them in colors that complement each other, and it fits perfectly. Without Lee’s lettering talents contributed to this story, Star Pig just would not be the same without him.

Star Pig is unlike any other title I have read before. It is pure fun and adventurous, and if you are looking for something new, it is totally in your wheelhouse. If it is sci-fi you want, it is sci-fi you will get within these pages. So, go read it!

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  • Fast-Paced
  • Colorful
  • Adventurous
  • A joy ride

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