First released in 1971 but popularized in the public school computer labs of the 80s and 90s, Oregon Trail is making its way from DOS to table top card game! Based on pictures shared on Reddit, the game is fully aware of everyone’s most enduring memories of Oregon Trail and you’ll go full nostalgic for snake bites, drowning in river crossings, and of course, dying of dysentery.

Oregon Trail

Rated for ages 12 and up, the card/dice version of Oregon Trail is multiplayer with 2 to 6 player options, something the computer game never had! You can finally fulfill your grade three dreams of starting a wagon train with your best friends!

And, because it’s clearly the best part, you’re still able to design your own tombstone. The highlight of dying a painful, poo related disease for sure!

Oregon Trail is being made by Pressman Toy Company and will be released exclusively in Target stores sometime in the near future.


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