Welcome to the March 2016 LootCrate review/unboxing. The Theme for the month is VS. For people that do not know. LootCrate is a monthly subscription box for fans of various pop culture areas including comics, video games, tv, movies, etc. It is fill with 5-8 various items including a T-shirt every month. The cost of the box is right around $20 and with that they say the items should value at least $45. With more items becoming exclusive it makes it hard to break down the costs, what I will do is look for similar items or what the average ebay prices are.


The Box showed up in good shape and still sealed. I have come to realize that if the box does not fix in the mailbox that is most likely a good sign. And sure enough this one was on the front porch so I had a good feeling about this box. With it being VS themed the same month that Batman vs Superman came out it was assumed there would be a item from the movie, in addition LootCrate hints throughout the month made reference to items for Harley Quinn, Alien vs Predator, and Daredevil.


Mirror, Mirror T-Shirt 

Seems that LootCrate has been working with Quantum Mechanix allot lately and they have come out with some very cool products.  The Shirt is 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. The cut of the shirt is more of a traditional cut, which is something that I always worry about with any of these subscription boxes. The shirt is based the Star Trek Mirror Universe and has  Spock facing his “evil” image. I think the design on the shirt also fits with the VS theme as it is reminiscent of some of the fight posters that are used to promote boxing matches.   If you are a fan of the Star Trek movies and franchise you should be excited for this shirt.

Value: $15

IMG_1842 IMG_1843

Exclusive Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Mighty Wallet

LootCrate had done a Simpson version of these wallets before. They are made of Tyvek, which is a paper material that is suppose to be super strong and a version of it is used in the wrapping of house when they are built. This design is exclusive to LootCrate and uses the same graphics that have been all over the place for the movie. The Wallet has two areas for money and receipts and two credit cards pockets. For me I carry way to much stuff in my wallet for this to be a useful product, but it is something that I would consider using if I was going to a Con or some other geek related event just to be a conversation starter.

Value: $15 ( Wallet is exclusive but similar ones on the site go for this)

IMG_1810 IMG_1809

Exclusive Daredevil/Punisher Reversible Beanie

BioWorld made this supersoft reversible beanie featuring the blind lawyer/hero Daredevil on one side and The Punisher on the other side. With season two of the Netflix dropping last week and featuring DareDevil vs Punisher it makes sense that this would be included. The beanie is designed to be one of the looser fitting ones and is big so it should fit even Kingpin size heads. Once next winter rolls around this will be in my rotation of hats that I wear. For now it goes into storage with the rest of the winter clothes.

Value: $19

IMG_1812 IMG_1814

Exclusive Alien vs Predator 4.5 Inch Figure 

From Titan, you had the chance to get either Xenomorph Alien or the Predator. This is my first Titan figure and I am very impressed with the detail that the figure has. So many of the boxes love to include products from Funko, and I am a fan on the Funko products but one of the reasons that I subscribe to these boxes is to get stuff that I might not have bought on my own so getting something like a Titan figure is a nice change. My blind box was The Predator figure who also comes with his staff also but it is not in this picture. The LootCrate magazine does not mention anywhere if one of the figures is a chase figure or if they were evenly distributed.

I have seen the Predator one on ebay from anywhere to $15 to $30. I will go a little bit more low side with the value

Value: $20


Exclusive Harley Quinn Comic Book

Everything Harley Quinn is hot right now, from her involvement in the new Suicide Squad movie to her multiple comic series. According to the description the story here was created exclusively for LootCrate. This one is not only sealed in a bag but also has a cardboard backing which shows that LootCrate understands while many people will want to read it, many will also keep it as a collectors item. Ebay prices on this one vary, but there are very few of them out there right now.

Value: $10


Free Download for Word Gush

Seems like it is just filler. I do not know if LootCrate helped to develop this version of the game or not. I am sure some people will enjoy it. I personally would prefer not to hold up someones phone to my forehead.

IMG_1816 IMG_1819

VS. Book and Monthly Pin

There are always some interesting articles and I love the new way they are doing pins. This month has a rental of either Aliens or Predator through Vudu. There is a chase version on the pin that has a gold border and accents.

Value: 2.99 ( price of either movie through Vudu.)

The value breakdown comes out to $82 which is well above the $45 dollars that they advertise. LootCrate in the last few months have started to focus on quality and not quantity within the boxes and have really come up with some very cool and unique items.

One other note: My box originally did not have the Batman V Superman wallet in it. I emailed support that day and let them know it was missing. In just a few short hours I had already received a email with an apology and a telling me a new one was on the way. I have been doing LootCrate for over a year now and this is the first time I have ever had anything like this happen and the fact that they were so quick with a response and a fix shows me that they care about the customer experience.

Next Month is Quest with the promise of Harry Potter, Vikings, and Labyrinth. I am already looking forward to that box. Until next month


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