You love young adult novels that are adventurous and inspiring, right? How about comics written and drawn by awesome creators? Well, prepare to get pumped.

This July, Jet City Comics is releasing “Girl Over Paris,” a four-issue miniseries set in the world of Gwenda Bond’s “Cirque American” series of YA novels. According to Bond, the miniseries will be set between two of her novels–“Girl on a Wire” and the upcoming “Girl in the Shadows”–but says that prior knowledge of either book isn’t necessary to enjoy this comic side story. For those that don’t know, the novels focus on Jules Maroni, an aspiring high-wire walker who joins a circus called Cirque American in an effort to be as magnificent a star as her late father.

This miniseries will take Jules to Paris where she will attempt to gain notoriety as part of an “exclusive exhibition” as long as she doesn’t get too distracted by the prospect of her “first serious boyfriend and a mysterious figure haunting the venue.” As if that wasn’t reason enough to start preordering now, the miniseries is being penned by Kate Leth (Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat!) and drawn my none other than Ming Doyle (Constantine: The Hellblazer). You can check out Doyle’s stunning cover for the first issue below, and be sure to preorder the book before its July 6 release date, either via Amazon, Comixology, or at your friendly neighborhood comic book shop.


John Dubrawa

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