Infidel #3

Writer: Pornsak Pichetshote
Artist: Aaron Campbell
Colorist: Jose Villarrubia
Publisher: Image Comics

A review by Greg Brothers

I will be honest rarely do I read a comic that is able to creep me out like a movie or tv show might. Infidel has been able to not only tell a remarkable story so far, but it has actually genuinely been able to creep me out.

Infidel #3 picks up in the aftermath of the second issue. Leslie is dead, Aisha and Kris are in the hospital. While she lays in a coma, eyewitnesses are claiming that they saw Aisha push Leslie down the stairs. As Tom tries to pick up the pieces and understand what has happened, Medina is trying to clear Aisha’s name.

In the series so far, the focus has been on Aisha and her experiences. There have been some hints that others around her may have been seeing some of the demons, but it has not really been explored. Infidel #3 goes all in with exploring some of the other characters both close to Aisha and on the peripheral. Pichetshote explores the idea that some of what has been haunting Aisha has a much bigger scope to it. The interactions between different characters show how complicated things become when racism and the human experience intertwine. The discussions about what is commonly called “see something say something” is particularly relevant. This is where Pichetshote gets to explore and build upon each of the characters that we have not learned much about. We get to see how the bombing that is the backdrop and their friend being in a coma and accused of pushing her mother-in-law and step-daughter have affected them.

The art in Infidel #3 continues to shine. The panels that are from the Demons perspective stand out with the oversaturation of reds and the scratchiness of the figures within them. The use of unique panel layouts and gutters add to the uniqueness of the book. One where the blood is coming out of the body to form the gutters is particularly disturbing. The last panel sears into your mind. Leaving you wanting to know what is next.

Verdict: Buy!

Infidel #3 continues to be one of the best new horror books. The realism of domestic terrorism with the occult adds to the weightiness of the book. Pichetshote has built a complicated and intriguing story that any fan of the horror genre should be picking up.

Gregory Brothers
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