Curse Words #14

Creators: Charles Soule & Ryan Browne
Colors: Addison Duke & Ryan Browne
Letters: Chris Crank
Publisher: Image Comics

A Review by Greg Brothers

As Issue 13 came to an end we saw Ruby and Wizord attacking New York City in order to find Margaret. Curse Words #14 starts right where we left off. Rudy is promising to drown the people of New York in a pool of blood if they will not help her find Margaret. She is reminded quickly that her powers are not as strong on Earth as they are in the Hole World. Thus, her plan comes to an end and her and Wizord have to explore other options. Meanwhile we also find out a bit more about the group that is holding Margaret captive. In addition, we follow more of Jacques as he continues the search for his missing sons.

Curse Words #14 feels like it moves at a much quicker pace. Within the first three pages the first thread from last issue is already wrapped up and the characters have already been given their next thread. Once again even with humor and sarcasm built in throughout the story the strength is the furthering of the character development. Something that is not easy when you have gotten to issue fourteen of a series. Although they are both originally evil gods from another land, Ruby and Wizord are treated like any couple who have a long and complicated relationship. They know how the other one ticks, and thus they also know how to push the other one while also knowing where to hurt each other the most. The only difference is they can use magic to hurt the other one.

Soule and Browne do an excellent job giving us a better idea about the group that has been holding Margaret captive this entire story arc. Instead of just being a group of lackeys just working for the group they introduce some of the personality of the magic wielding individuals. This is also evident in how they are developing the story with Jacques and his search. His interactions with Silly Bee provide a bit of comic relief as they make their way across the land in search for his sons. But more importantly he is getting to know and understand some of the other children of Sizzajee and just how off kilter they may be.

One of the things that always stands out in Curse Words is the art and Curse Words #14 is no exception. The unique panel layouts, and gutters adds to the uniqueness of this book. Browne’s designs allow the panels to move along with the reader. The colors are bright and pop off of the page. And while the character designs are unique they are easily recognizable and realistic. Browne always has little hidden meanings and additions within the panels. Doing so makes the reader concentrate on the panels and pick up on clues and Easter eggs you may otherwise miss.


Buy! Curse Words is the series that moves to the top of my read list as soon as it comes out. Curse Words #14 continues to flesh out several newer characters while expanding on those that have been regulars. Each line of dialogue and panel of art builds upon those that have come before it leading to a surprisingly complex plot that is enjoyable, and entertaining.


Gregory Brothers
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