Iceman #1

Writer: Sina Grace
Artist: Nathan Stockman
Colorist: Federico Blee
Letterer: Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Review by Greg Brothers

Last year Marvel decided it was time to bring the X-Men back from the wilderness and resurrect them. There were several new team books added to go along with the Blue and Gold series. These series included Cable, Generation X, Jean Grey, and Iceman. None of the four of them lasted particularly long. A funny thing happened to Iceman on its way to cancellation. After the book had been officially cancelled and seemed destined for a niche series, it gained momentum in trade sales and in local libraries. Suddenly a book that had already been cancelled was finding a new life. Marvel realized the character had a better shelf-life than the original sales had shown and decided it was time to once again resurrect Iceman.

Iceman #1 finds Bobby Drake out trying to defeat some bigots who are out attacking a nightclub. The end of the fight comes easily as it was just a set up for him to find out that there was a Morlock missing within the sewers of New York. After consulting with Kitty Pryde, Bobby puts together and team to find out what is going on within the tunnels. Before long Iceman’s team finds a group of mutants who are trying to cause a second massacre.

The goal of the first series seemed two-fold. One, to show us how coming out affects not only Bobby’s family and friends, but also how Bobby himself is handling it. The second thing it focuses on is bigoted groups targeting mutants. Iceman #1 features a Bobby who is much more comfortable in his own skin. He is once again teaching at the school and is out trying to date (with varying success). Iceman has always had a dry and witty sense of humor. Grace does a good job finding that voice through most of Iceman #1,although some of the jokes do not land as well as they could. Some of that could be because they were intended to be “Dad Jokes,” which is alluded to a couple of times throughout this first issue. The book feels much lighter than the other volume of the book. It should lead to more people feeling like they can enjoy the book more.

The art in Iceman#1 is not bad at all. However, at the same time, there is nothing that stands out about the art. It feels like the typical Marvel style art. Sharp lines, colorful uniforms, and settings. The layout also is nothing special, but there is noting to complain about with it either.

Verdict: Wait and See.

I really enjoyed the first Iceman series, and the set up in Iceman #1 makes it feel like this should be an enjoyable read. There is just not enough in this first issue to convince me that this is a series that I need to pick up. I hope that issue two will prove me wrong and find me adding the series to my pull list, but for now it is wait and see.

Gregory Brothers
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