This Funko Friday shall be a little different from my usual Funko Friday posts. This, ladies and gentlemen shall be my first Funko Pop Wishlist! As you know Funko Pop’s may not be that expensive but they are certainly not a cheap buy either! Once you buy one that’s it, game over, and since I’m trying to save to do some travelling, wishlists are the next best thing. You feel like your buying it but without losing money, so without further a’do, let’s get to it!

If you have popped over to the Funko Website you would know that the Pop’s are broken down into 12 sub-categories so I will go through each one in the upcoming weeks and list five of my favourites. This weeks category is: Animation! There are so many AMAZING animation Funko Pop’s coming out and that have already been revealed that this will probably end up being more than one post!! The second wave of Dragon Ball z is coming out soon along with Sailor Moon and also, even though there may be no images yet, word on the grapevine is that they’re bringing out Archer Funko Pops as well as Rick & Morty! But until I see picture proof here are my favourite animation Funko Pop’s this week!!

funko friday wishlist beefsquatch bobs burgers

Beefsquatch is part of the second wave of Bob’s Burgers Funko Pops. I already own Bob, Linda and Louise but I don’t want to take any images until I have collected the whole family. Beefsquatch appears in the final episode of second season where Bob lands himself a job and appears on a cooking segment and Gene is asked to work alongside him. They eventually become rivals when Bob catches Gene making fun of him. The eyebrows on this Funko Pop look amazing and his little burger suit is adorable. Granted, it’s not the nicest looking Funko Pop but I’m sure it’ll find a home within my collection.

funko friday wishlist gene bobs burgers

Even though I wouldn’t mind adding Beefsquatch to my Bob’s Burgers Funko Pop collection I cannot ignore the fact that the Gene Funko Pop is Goddamn cute! If you’ve seen the show you know that Gene is a passionate musician and loves creating new jingles; he even attempted a one man show of Die Hard the Musical. One thing I love about each Funko Pop is the little add-ons they get; Bob has his burger, Linda has her pen and Louise has her night light, the Tina Funko Pop (which is not on the list but I shall show you why in a minute) has her friend fiction books while Gene has his keyboard piano.

funko friday wishlist buttloose tina bobs burgers

Buttloose Tina 
You can see why would I won’t be buying the normal Tina Funko Pop now can’t you?! I would much rather have Buttloose Tina as part of my Bob’s Burgers Funko Pop collection as it looks a hell of a lot more interesting! Buttloose Tina appears as part of Tina’s erotic friend fiction imagination in the eighth episode of season two. I love how they’ve made her hair flow like it does in the episode. It just looks so majestic and her serious face looks like she’s about to tear the walls down!

funko friday wishlist teddy bibs burgers

Teddy is a recurring character and a regular diner at Bob’s Burgers. He’s also one of the cutest Funko Pops around! I mean, look at him! His characters is sometimes portrayed as a hot head who loses his temper easily but his Funko Pop looks so docile. I wonder what other characters from Bob’s Burgers they’ll make into Funko Pops? Maybe Marshmallow? Or Jimmy Junior?

funko friday wishlist bender futurama

Moving along to another animation favourite, Bender is probably a must have for any Futurama fans. Of course you all know him as one of the main characters from Matt Groening’s hit TV show, which has been cancelled way too many times! Futurama is one of those shows, quire similar to Rick & Morty where it can be laugh-out-loud one minute but then has you crying into your pillow the next.  And, if you’re lucky, you can find a Bender Funko Pop that has a gold sheen to it!

funko friday wishlist leela futurama

Probably one of the strongest female animation characters around, Leela definitely needs to be part of my gurl-gang Funk Pop group. Her one eyeball is obviously her most poignant feature as well as her purple locks. Leela is the main female protagonist in Futurama and, of course, Fry’s love interest. Seeing their romance (spoilers) bloom to how it ended on the last episode was so sweet! I guess if I get Leela I would have to get Fry: they should come as a package.

You can buy all you Funko Pop’s here 


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