Dragonball Super has reached peak intensity in the latest episode. Catching up from last week, we had Black arriving in the present time by using an unknown ring to follow Trunks’ time machine. Just as our heroes were preparing to jump to the future, they are ambushed!

Black seems very pleased to have found a way to hunt Trunks. As he appears in the sky, he scans the area to see where he is. Noticing that the city seems alive and bustling, he determines he must be in the past since he destroyed almost all of Earth in the future. He also recognizes Vegeta and Beerus, implying he is aware of them somehow in his timeline. He remarks on why the Prince of Saiyans would be together with a God of Destruction, but doesn’t seem to think either will give him much trouble. Not only does he look like Goku, he seems to have the same fighting spirit. He’s always looking for a challenge without any heed for personal safety.


Black arrives in the present

Black mentions the path he followed must have been through space-time. This could mean the Trunks who came back this time might be a different one from the original Dragonball Z series, or possibly that the future Earth is not the same as the current Earth, like a parallel. With the multiverse being explained in this series, it’s a possibility he came from almost anywhere.

Goku is very excited to see this Black, the person everyone in the future is so terrified of. He, like everyone else, can’t help but notice how much Black looks exactly like him. Black seems similarly pleased, telling Goku he is impressed with his power and Black has been “waiting to fight him in this body”. He considers it an honour to fight Son Goku. How does he even know who Goku is? This episode is still raising too many questions without any answers.

After a tense battle, the Ring of Time begins to resonate and starts pulling Black into the time portal once more, against his will this time.  He is able to fire off one blast to destroy the Time Machine before disappearing again into the future, saying next time won’t be such a short trip. He’s seen Goku’s fighting style and, like the real Goku, it looks like he will be much more prepared for the next fight with that knowledge.


Black Versus Goku!

Goku and Vegeta are still confident they can handle Black by themselves. Neither of them even tried to go Blue during his visit. Their power levels are still way higher then Black. They don’t call it Super Saiyan God for nothing.  As everyone is scratching their heads to figure out how to follow Black once more to the future, Bulma runs out of her lab with…another Time Machine?! It’s covered in moss with a broken glass dome, still bearing the word HOPE on the side. It’s the original Time Machine from the Cell Saga!


Beerus and Whis enjoy the fight with snacks

With a basic model to work from, Bulma says she can get them all to the future where Black is to take him out. I never thought I’d be on the edge of my seat weekly again for any show since Death Note, but wow, Dragonball Super is still knocking it out of the park. With solid animation, fight scenes and now completely new, untold story, it only gets better every time it airs.

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