Writer and Artist: Bryan Hitch
Publisher: DC Comics
Review by Stephen Combs

JUSTLREB_Cv1_5707f634992d22.86891146Justice League: Rebirth is a comic book about relationships. Yes there’s an obligatory villain who appears to be unstoppable, but even more than most comics it doesn’t matter much. What does matter are the characters and the roles they play. What matters is the importance of Superman in the Justice League.

The issue starts out with the League fighting a giant villain reminiscent of Starro. They’re getting their butts kicked badly. Meanwhile Clark is having a discussion with Lois about whether or not to go join the League to help defeat this new enemy. Of course it’s more than that, as by joining them in this fight it will mean that Superman has made the decision to join the league. It’s not really spoiling anything to say that Superman decides to get involved and save the day.

This comic works because of the strong character work. Clark and Lois’s discussion throughout the book works because it comes off as exactly what they are: a loving married couple having an important discussion about the next step in life. Neither character comes off as unlikable, so when Clark makes the decision to join the fight it becomes more rewarding. At the same time, the other members of the League all have their own take on the new Superman that feel realistic given their relationship with the old, dead Superman. Meanwhile the two new Green Lanterns have their own concerns about where they stand with the League. Each and every moment is great, and makes the characters more lovable which seems to be a major theme about the Rebirth line.

Justice League: Rebirth is exactly what readers want out of a comic book with that title. It has strong character writing with an optimistic promise of a new beginning. Furthermore, it’s just a fun read start to finish.

Stephen Combs
An amateur writers based in St. Louis who would eventually like to change the amateur part, Stephen can be seen at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire as a regular cast member or online in World of Warcraft as part of guild Gnomergan Forever .

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