Day four of the 7th Awesome Games Done Quick is upon us and they’ve already raised $450,000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation! Today sees two solid blocks back to back with the Castlevania and Mega Man blocks starting in the afternoon. Then they’re closing out the evening with two games featuring everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader! You can watch Awesome Games Done Quick on twitch, they post all speedruns within a couple days of their completion.

Here’s the full game schedule for Wednesday, January 11th. All times are in EST and I bolded some of my personal favorites. Don’t forget to check back here with me for your daily AGDQ updates! As always, Save the Animals.

Start Time (EST) Game Runner Est. Completion Time (H:MM:SS) Run Qualification
3:39 AM Gauntlet Feasel, Mitchical9 0:20:00 Any% co-op
4:09 AM Kabuki Quantum Mithical9 0:15:00 Any%
4:29 AM Cobra Triangle ShiningDragoon 0:20:00 Any%
4:54 AM The Krion Conquest badbrakes 0:20:00 Any%
5:19 AM Street Figher 2010: The Final Fight Spiriax 0:25:00 Any%
5:49 AM River City Ransom yelsraek 0:10:00 Any%
6:04 AM Moon Crystal jimmypoopins 0:12:00 Any%
6:21 AM Little Samson Xdragon 0:25:00 All Stages Normal
6:51 AM The Addams Family garbanzoguy 0:12:00 Any%
7:08 AM Yume Penguin Monogatari Endy 0:12:00 Any%
7:25 AM Gremlins 2 Endy 0:10:00 Any%
6:40 AM Trojan InfestedRiche 0:10:00 Any%
7:55 AM Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Keaur 0:30:00 Any%, Expert, 0 Kunai
8:35 AM Bishi Bishi Special T3tsuya 0:14:00 Hyper Mode Any%
8:59 AM Crowtel theboyks 0:14:00 Any%
9:23 AM JumpJet Rex PvtCb 0:20:00 Adventure Normal
9:53 AM Blitz Breaker giygasblues 0:28:00 Any%
10:31 AM Secrets of Grindea Ivan, Mr_Weables 0:30:00 Arcade Mode Co-op
11:11 AM Hyper Light Drifter MunchaKoopas 0:40:00 New Game+ Any%
12:01 PM Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Vulajin, sigma 1:16:00 OREO or 0XP (bid war)
1:27 PM SETUP BLOCK 3 Tech Crew 0:50:00
2:27 PM Castlevania Cantaloupeme, Komrade 0:15:00 Any%
2:52 PM Super Castlevania IV Furious Paul, JoeDamillio 0:40:00 Any%
3:42 PM Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Skavenger216, Komrade 0:17:00 Maria (NG+)
4:09 PM Mega Man 6 Ppotdot1 0:40:00 Any%
4:59 PM Mega Man Network Transmission soothingplumtea 1:07:00 Any%
6:16 PM Mega Man X Domalix, Calebhart42, CrystalUnclear, Walrus_Prime 0:40:00 100%
7:06 PM Mighty No. 9 GreenZSaber 1:00:00 Any% (Beck, Normal)
8:16 PM Halo 2 Cryphon 1:50:00 Legendary
10:16 Batman: Arkham City BubblesDelFuego 1:33:00 Any% (No Catwoman)
11:59 PM Batman Forever PJ, Klaige 0:50:00 Any% Co-op


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