Motor Crush #2

Creators: Brendan Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr
Heather Danforth
Aditya Bidikar

A review by Greg Brothers

motorIn December readers were introduced to the world of Motor Crush when issue number one of this highly anticipated comic hit the shelves. The team of Fletcher, Stewart, and Tarr presented an up and coming racer who is facing some serious threats while hiding a few secrets from the world. Babs Tarr took her art to the next level with panels that were dynamic, and exciting. As any first issue, should do we were left with lots of questions as to what the future of Dom Swift may look like as she hit rock bottom.

Motor Crush #2 picks up the morning after the end of issue #1. Dom is awoken by what she thinks is a bad dream while trying to remember how she made her way home from the previous night’s dire circumstances. After waking up Dom has a serious discussion with her dad about what happened the night before and comes up with a plan on where to find a new mechanic. Things do not go as planned as both her past and the present come together to complicate things. In the end, we find Dom making a hard choice that could have a major effect on both her and all of those she cares about.

Fletcher, Stewart, and Tarr do an excellent job of really building upon everything that was introduced in Motor Crush #1 and adding new wrinkles to the story. The team decision to not spend Motor Crush #2 focusing immediately on the end of the first issue allows for the reader to get to know more about Dom and her relationship with both her father and the people around her and not be weighed down with details that are not needed yet.

The introduction of a former flame gives us some more insight into the type of person that Dom Swift is, and was, versus who she wants to be. The panels between Dom and her father also starts to uncover more about their past while introducing some information that for now creates more mystery but in the future, should lead to some great story arcs. The end of Motor Crush #2 again leaves us with a cliff hanger while telling us exactly what the end goal is going to be moving forward in this first arc.

Motor Crush #2 again hits that sweet spot between action and story development with panels where we learn more about Dom and her supporting cast being broken up with scenes that are filling with action and beautiful art. Tarr’s art here again is some of the best work that she has ever put out. Action scenes within the panels are drawn in a way that you can almost feel the movement within them. The characters are drawn in a way that you can read their emotions even before reading their dialogue within the panel.

The Verdict
Buy it! When you have an issue #1 that was as enjoyable as it was sometimes the second issue can be a bit of a letdown. Motor Crush #2 not only avoids the pitfalls that sometimes hits a follow up issue but it does the opposite and improves upon it. The Motor Crush creative team takes this to the next level by introducing new characters while starting to build the relationship and mystery between father and daughter. Tarrs’ art in her previous works has always been good but her work in Motor Crush is really taking it to the next level. As good as the story has been so far, the art is elevating Motor Crush up to a must buy book monthly.

Gregory Brothers
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