tenkaichi android 18 figurine

I’ve been wanting an Android 18 Figurine for a while now and I finally got my hands on one!! Hip Hip Huzzah!! I managed to find it in my local Forbidden Planet for £25 and I’m absolutely in love with it!! It’s created from the same company who created the Nappa figurine I posted not too long ago (you can read my Nappa article here). So without wasting anymore time, I give you Android 18 Figurine!!

Character Background
Android 18 (who was once a human) is the eighteenth android created by and designed to serve Dr. Gero on his vendetta against Goku. Android 18 is the twin sister of Android 17 and curiosity gets the better of her when she activates Android 16, against the orders of Dr. Gero who is then murdered by the rogue Android 17. Throughout the series her character develops immensely as she sacrifices herself in order to protect Krillin from semi-perfect Cell. She ends up marrying Krillin and becomes the mother of their only child, Marron.

tenkaichi android 18 figurine tenkaichi android 18 figurine

The Figurine
The Android 18 Figurine has four parts to it; the plaque which of course is the surface which holds the rest of the figurine, the body which includes legs, torso, arms and hands. Of course we then have the head and then we also have her pearl necklace that has a thunder pendant. Her figurine outfit isn’t her original outfit. Her outfit changes quite a few times throughout the series. This particular outfit is from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

tenkaichi android 18 figurine tenkaichi android 18 figurine

tenkaichi android 18 figurine

The figurine is from the Banpresto which is a Japanese company that sells internationally and is known in America for game development and publishing. However we know them for their sweet figurines hehehe!! It’s part of the SCultures Budokai Tenkaichi series 6 collection. The series focuses on three characters, one of which is Android 18 while the other two are Goku, one in Super Saiyan 2 mode and the other is Super Saiyan 3 mode.

tenkaichi android 18 figurine tenkaichi android 18 figurine tenkaichi android 18 figurine

What always impresses me with the Tenkaichi figurine is how detailed they are, I mean look at Android 18’s clothing!! Look at the folds and creases. Every clothing line has been well thought out. The folds in her socks are so cute and her leg pose gives her such attitude. You can see they’ve tried to add as many strands of hair as possible. The flick of the hair suits her character and makes the figurine even more interesting. My favourite feature is her eyes, they really stand out due to their piercing blue shade. One criticism though, I wish they had made the necklace a tiny bit smaller or maybe just had it already made on the body. It’s quite bulky and doesn’t really sit right on the figurine.

Overall I’m really really happy with and I cannot wait to see/buy more from the Tenkaichi collection.

You can buy the Android 18 figurine here

tenkaichi android 18 figurine

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