Dark Horse
Script and Letters: Alex De Campi
Artist: Jerry Ordway
Colors: Marissa Louise
Review by Insha Fitzpatrick

This is a crazy ride…

30014There’s nothing like a good monster story with magic to get you going and keep you interesting. Semiautomagic does that and so much more. The story is about Alice Creed, a professor at a university, but her real job is to catch and kill monsters. These aren’t just any monsters though, these monsters have really big dealings with other universes and Alice can see them. She dedicates her time to search these things out and completely dismantling them once and for all…. If she can.

Semiautomagic is still something of a mystery to me. I mean this in the best way. It combines occult dealings with some super creepy interactions and it makes for the wildest ride you’ll read. It’s not only a tale that keeps you glues to your seat, but it also draws you into the world of Alice Creed. You find yourself asking, “Why the fuck are you still doing this Alice?” but then you realize what she’s about and it makes it all worthwhile to her. Alex De Campi writes this script with such a fresh take on the monster story and it works in so many different ways. Alex takes the whole notion of the horror comic and kind turns it on it’s head. It’s creepy and it’s cool. Her dialogue is spectacular between the characters, but the one thing I very much loved about Alex’s writing in Semiautomagic was how much this story took place in Alice Creed’s head. She is the narrator or her own story, good or bad, deadly or other, Alice Creed gives you her take and her life story on her own terms.

A big thing to mention with Semiautomagic is the art. Jerry Ordway’s art shine in this series. There’s always a soft side of me that bows down to anyone who can draw creepy art and Jerry nails the creepiness of Alice Creed’s world and the world beyond. There is a battle with a Cthulhu like feature and a Mothra like bird that completely kills on the page. This wouldn’t be possible however without Marissa Louise’s colors. Marissa’s colors are almost like a fantasy in Semiautomagic, she has a color palette that almost reminds you of Jordie Bellaire. Its spectacular on the page and even more in this horror comic. 

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Semiautomagic collects the first two full stories in their running. It’s a great story with some episode art, colors and a great story to round it all of. I must say though, if you’re phobic of man

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