This is it folks, the weekend that we have been waiting all year for. The weekend before Halloween. Don’t worry though, we have all the picks you need to binge before Halloween is another 365 days away.

Josh’s Pick

Before directing Thor Ragnarök, Taika Waititi directed a horror, comedy Mockumentary about vampire flatmates and life as a vampire in New Zealand.

It incorporates much of the classical mythology about vampires and mocks the Twilight series. I feel I understand vampires a lot more than I did before.

This is very funny especially when the gang runs into a pack of werewolves.

Anelise’s Pick

Lots of horror comics come out in October, appropriately enough, and Exorcisters #1 (which dropped on October 17) deserves your attention! We meet Kate and Cate Harrow, twin exorcists who are just doing their best to make a living and help people. Despite their names, Kate and Cate have very different personalities, and they play off of each other really well. While we don’t have a ton of backstory yet, I’m certain that we will get more as the story progresses. Plus, this is a perfect read for those who don’t necessarily like horror stories as the art is bright and youthful. And the demons are more of your cartoon character variety. Plus, how can you not pick up a comic with as brilliant of a title as Exorcisters?

Michael’s Pick

“The Curse” is a 1985 Swamp Thing comic that tackles issues that are still important today head-on. A woman in Maine is quietly raging against all of the ideas about women in her day, from the subservient wife to the sex object meant only for pleasure. Her house is built on an ancient Native American site where women were sequestered during their menstruation cycle. The spirit of those grounds ends up infecting her, causing her to transform into a werewolf that goes on a rampage against everything society thinks a woman should be.

Honestly, the entirety of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run is essential reading. If you’re going to pick one story out of that masterful series, it would have to be “The Curse.” This story struck me the first time I read it. When I think back to reading that series, it sticks out above the rest as one I remember clearly.

As you can tell, it fittingly takes on a lot of questions, and challenges feminism raises. More importantly, I would argue it forces you to ask yourself what the right way is to respond to all of these injustices. The conflict is much bigger than Swamp Thing confronting the She-Wolf and not one so easily resolved. A great read for Halloween to be sure, but it is timely in any setting.

Greg’s Pick

By now it has become a bit of a cult classic, but The Crow is a movie that I can not go a Halloween season without watching. Rocker Erik Draken and his girlfriend are brutally murdered by a gang in Detroit. But soon we find out not everything stays dead. Eric returns as the mysterious Crow to exact revenge on the group, while making sure friends and family are protected. The movie has become as well known for the happenings around the filming of the movie, including the death of the star Brandon Lee. However, it is still a great Halloween flick.

Insha’s Pick

On Comics Agenda, we talked a little bit remakes, reboots and everything in between. Evil Dead is one of those horror remakes that not only sets itself apart from the original but shines while honoring the legacy of what the original was. It’s one of my top five favorite horror movies of all time. It’s got the same qualities of Evil Dead and features some stuff from Evil Dead 2. However, Fede Alverez takes the franchise and does his own kind of special sauce to it. H ups EVERYTHING about it. It’s creepy, gory, scary, fascinating and downright BRUTAL. Starring Jane Levy (in one of her BEST ROLES), Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, and Elizabeth Blackmore, Evil Dead is a gnarly film with some fucked up imagrey and a twist ending that fucking SLAYS. 


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