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Sometimes colourists go unpraised in the comic world. We’ve gotten better about acknowledging their contributions over the years but they’re still highly underappreciated.

Colours set the tone and atmosphere in any comic book. They enhance the art of the pencillers and inkers. But there’s more to it than just colouring between the lines. It’s a complex art form in itself as Ryan Stegman and the rest of Twitter soon found out. Stegman posted an inked image of Spider-Man (pictured on the right-hand side) and asked the world of Twitter to colour it.

Here’s a sample of what they came up with. Each one slightly different than the next:


Brad Anderson

Cormac McCarthy

Payton Gauldin

Lesley Atlansky



Linda Campbell

John Burness Jr.

Anthony LaVerghetta

Tríona Tree Farrell

Brian Reber

Anna Malkova

Despite everyone working on the same image, they all came up with something different. Each one has a unique combination of colours in the costume and the backgrounds. The direction of the lighting is even unique in each one.

Colourists definitely need more praise and this exercise was a great way to showcase just how much colour and colourists bring to the comic page. The Colourist Jam project was co-created by @marissadraws, @nickfil, and @whoisrico.

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