The Fix #1

Written by : Nick Spencer

Art by: Steve Lieber

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Nic J Shaw

Reviewed by Dave Hildebrand

If Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) wrote a comic, this would be it! The Fix, written by Nick Spencer (Superior Foes of Spider-Man) with art by Steve Lieber (Whiteout, Detective Comics) is a twisted crime story that keeps you captivated as you turn each page.  Right when you think you have things figured out and where the story is heading, a new character is introduced and takes you into another direction. Image has come strong again with a new entry into the world of comics. I must also add that this book is 36 pages with NO ads for $3.99.

The issue starts with two men robbing a nursing home, they are looking for someone specific. After disrupting a bingo game in a very funny way, they find who they are looking for, rob him and make their escape.  Then they return to investigate the crime! That’s right, Roy and Mac are corrupt cops!  Roy has messed up along the way somewhere and now owes money to a man that you only know as “Josh”. The rest of the issue is fast paced, introduces you to very interesting characters that have their own unique quirks. Spencer fills this book with dialogue that is witty and razor sharp. Lieber structures his art so well that he leads the many pages of dialogue. Conversations carry on a few pages but Lieber keeps you enthralled in the story.  Ryan Hill does an amazing job with his colors. Everything looks smooth and the flashbacks are colored with an old timely feel to it. He captures each moment and keeps the flow of the art going.




BUY IT! There is so much more I wanted to go into about this first issue, but I really couldn’t say anything else without spoiling any of the surprises in it.  Roy and Mac are not the nice guys, Roy explains that in the beginning. The book is dark, hilarious, and violent. I am looking forward to see these characters develop. Spencer and Lieber have created a great story already. There are times where a new series starts and you think ” well, I guess I will see how it goes another couple of issues, it just started….” Well this starts out with a bang and doesn’t let up!  I am looking forward to the second issue because I can just see that the madness is warming up, I can’t wait to see when things really go down!  One more thing….after reading this issue, you may never look at a hamburger the same way again.

Dave Hildebrand
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