Boldy Go #6

Star Trek: Boldly Go #6

Writer: Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott
Artist: Chris Mooneyham
Colorist: J.D. Mettler
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Publisher: IDW

A review by Rich Schepis

Boldy Go #6Exploration is at the heart of Star Trek, whether it’s the human condition, new cultures or new civilizations (sound familiar?). Star Trek: Boldly Go #6 continues that mission as the Endeavour encounters a long-theorized White Hole. However, while the spatial phenomenon is fascinating, Mike Johnson has thrown in a few twists that should seem very familiar and a pleasant surprise to fans. Bookending the story, Kirk and company deal with the aftermath of their encounter with the Borg, especially as it pertains to Valas.

Packing a ton of narrative into one issue, Boldly Go #6 sees a new addition to the Endeavour crew in response to the absence of its former first officer, Lt. Valas, who is now a prisoner of the Romulan Empire. After issue five’s Jaylah origin story, the ongoing narrative picks right back up from the previous arc. There are a few balls left in the air from issue four, including the fate of Captain Terrell and what ship Sulu might serve aboard now that the Concord no longer exists (blown up by the Borg).

Tony Shasteen has been reassigned momentarily as he illustrates IDW’s Star Trek: Discovery comics. Johnson has double duty, writing both Boldly Go and Discovery, and is joined by Parrott, who partnered with Johnson previously for Starfleet Academy. Chris Mooneyham fills in for Shasteen and illustrates a phenomenal story. His character portrayals may take readers a bit to get accustomed to, but the real fun is in Mooneyham’s style, which seems an amalgamation of comic book legends Walt Simonson and Bill Sienkiewicz. Mooneyham draws the action on the bridge from terrific angles, which make readers feel like they are actually onboard the starship.

Once again, a Star Trek story serves as a metaphor for the world today, as Starfleet’s mission of exploration is taken one step further than a monthly adventure might provide. In fact, issue six feels much like an episode of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine or Voyager, as the crew happens upon an intriguing discovery, provide analysis, encounter an issue and works to solve the problem. Yet, the real exploration is not in the White Hole.

As always in a Johnson Star Trek comic, there are Easter Eggs, one which should be plainly obvious and is a nice shout out to Star Trek Into Darkness (hint). There is one strange narrative occurrence as Kirk calls down to engineering as the Endeavour’s systems begin to fail. Last readers were aware, Scotty was teaching at the Academy while he awaits the Enterprise-A to launch, yet he responds to Kirk and is in the Endeavour’s engine room along with Keenser.

Wrapping up issue six is an epilogue that focuses on Lt. Valas’ whereabouts. Readers should smile wide upon the reveal on the last panel.

The Verdict
Buy It! Star Trek: Boldly Go #6 is a fun one-shot that captures the heart and essence of classic Star Trek stories, while also allowing readers to jump in and enjoy an episodic adventure in the Kelvin Timeline.  The comic’s beginning and end resumes threads established in previous issues, which will not leave new readers in the dark. In fact, those plot points may actually inspire new readers to pick up the previous issues, and as for those already reading Star Trek: Boldly Go, issue six is an exciting new addition.

Rich Schepis

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