Spider-Man/Deadpool #4

Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciller: Ed McGuinness
Inker: Mark Morales
Colorist: Jason Keith
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel

Reviewed by Dave Hildebrand


Isn’t it Bromantic????  A great title for this chapter in the Spider-Man/Deadpool series. Spider-Man has finally agreed to hang out with Deadpool (outside of work, so to say). So of course Deadpool comes up with the brilliant idea to hit a club for music, drinks, and a big surprise…..a double date!

Spider-Man doesn’t want to be seen at the club, so Deadpool, as handy as he usually is, has a holographic image projector that makes good ole Spidey into a black man. “Black is the new black…..unless you’re racist” Deadpool explains.  Oh, and Deadpool has also given Spidey the name Leonardo Dicaprio. So Leo is introduced to his date, Jenny who just happens to be friends with Deadpool’s wife, Shiklah, the demon queen of Monster Metropolis. Surprisingly, all is going well between the Jenny and Spidey, (Mary Jane is hanging out in the Invincible Iron Man book anyway) when Deadpool’s date shows up and it’s Thor! She is on his “Free Pass” top 5 list that you have to see for yourself.

Bad blood stirs up between Jenny and Thor and things quickly go downhill between the two lovely ladies. The rest of the issue leads to an interesting dance scene that has to be seen to believe.  The previous three issues has had its serious moments. Deadpool is hired to kill Peter Parker after all, but he desperately wants to be friends with Spider-Man. This issue is very playful and lets you escape the tension that has slowly built up the past three issues, but this issue does conclude with a shocking ending.  All the playfulness and fun quickly comes to an end.

I like the writing in this issue as I have with the previous issues of the series so far. Kelly keeps the story going and has done a wonderful job of keeping the sense of humor and serious moments flowing. This is the best Deadpool story that is being told at the moment, even surpassing the new ongoing series in my opinion.  Kelly even brings life to an antiquated Thor narration.

The art is fantastic!  I am a fan of McGuinness, I wish he was the artist on the current Deadpool run. His scene compositions and character design are amazing and combined with Kelly, makes for an outstanding story.

The Verdict:
  Like I mentioned earlier, it is the best Deadpool story out there right now, even though Spider-Man is in it. But Spidey being in it is a bonus!  There are many laugh out loud jokes and great action.  If you are a fan of either character and not reading this series, then you are seriously missing out.  If you are on the fence, then let me push you over because once you see the ending of this issue, you, like me, are anxiously waiting to see how events are going to play out in the next issue!


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