Prince is dead.

The prolific artist was found unresponsive in his home/recording studio, Paisley Park, earlier today. This comes soon after a health scare last week that caused his plane to make an emergency landing. The cause of death is undisclosed as of now.

2016 has been a rough year for genius.

57 is too young.

How do we adjust ourselves to live in a world without David Bowie and without Prince? I’ve never lived in a world like that. I’ve lived in a world with Purple Rain, the movie and the album. A world with Diamonds and Pearls, Lovesexy, 1999, Parade, his work with 3rdEyeGirl and countless others.

I lived in a purple world.

Prince showed a depth of talent unlike any other, releasing 39 studio albums (not including compilations and live albums) which spanned and combined more genres than I can count. He was one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He was diminutive, he was androgynous and he was undeniably a sex icon. He was a composer and a performer. He was Prince.

I take solace in the fact that people are listening to his music tonight. Hopefully they’re dancing, crying or making love. I take solace in the fact that he surely has countless works locked away in a vault that we’ll be able to hear some day.

I take solace in his music.

“But life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last”.

Long live Prince.

Michael Walls-Kelly

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