Writer: Ryan FerrierI can sell you a body #2
Artist: George Kambadais
Color Artist: George Kambadais
Letterer: Ryan Ferrier
Publisher: IDW Publishing

In a previous advance review, I told you about the first issue of I Can Sell You A Body. I hope that by now you’ve gotten a chance to read it. If not, then do so first, for this review contains spoilers for the first issue.

In the first review, I talked about the general vibes of the comic, but now I’ll talk more about the story. So let’s dive right in!

In the first issue of I Can Sell You A Body, we see Denny Little trying to find a way to save himself from the Mafia. They want their boss back from the other side and threaten to kill Denny if he doesn’t deliver. Denny then uses his assistant Gladys, who just quit being his assistant, as a test subject for his new party trick: putting a spirit in a human body. But that didn’t go as planned.

In I Can Sell You A Body #2, time is slowly running out, and Denny will have to come up with a solution quickly. On top of that, he now also has detectives breathing down his neck. And that’s just the start of his problems. It leaves the reader questioning how, and even if, he will drag himself out of this mess.

In contrast to the first issue, I found the second issue an easier, less-confusing read. But that’s actually pretty logical, since I already know the character and the story. It was, in my opinion, also even funnier than the first one. I actually laughed out loud once or twice when reading, so I definitely enjoyed it.

Both the story and art seem more fleshed out, and the coloring is once again amazing with very vibrant colors that really give the story an extra boost. Without spoiling anything, the cliffhanger, just like in the first issue, leaves me very curious about the next issue. Ryan Ferrier sure knows how to make an audience wanting more!

I Can Sell You A Body #2 is out now from IDW Publishing.

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