Based on current series available on Shudder, which was based on the cult classic film of the same name, which itself was inspired by the EIC horror comics of the fifties, Creepshow is the latest anthology to bear the name of a long-running franchise. Much like the similarly beloved “Tales from the Crypt,” this series presents two tales of horror, bookended by its grotesque narrator The Creeper.

The first tale, “Take One” is appropriately set on Halloween and introduces us to three unruly teens who are out for candy, while a mysterious specter looming in the shadows is out for blood. When the boys disregard instructions left at one such house, their desire for candy may cost them their lives. Writer/artist Chris Burnham’s spin on a morality tale is light on character but heavy on blood, gore, and sheer fun. The dialogue is peppered with curse words and inappropriate jokes, making the kids all the more believable. It’s a perfect blend of gross-out theatrics and dark humor, with a creepy atmosphere, thanks partly to grim palette of colorist Adriano Lucas. Also, props to Burnham for having one of the kids dress like Marty McFly. Heavy, man.

The next installment, “Shingo,” dials back on the gore but amps up the weirdness to eleven! Written by Paul Dini and Stephen Langford, this bizarre tale finds a young girl’s birthday party overrun by a deranged monster from another dimension. And you though party clowns were bad (they still are, btw).  Shingo is like a cross between Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty and one of the critters from “Where the Wild Things Are” and if you think that’s terrifying, wait until he gets hungry. Featuring art by John McRea, this chapter has the look of an old-school romance comic, which makes the narrative all the more horrifying. Adding to the aesthetic is colorist Mike Spicer, whose use of flat colors and patterns provides a look that is wonderfully vintage.

Creepshow may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a brilliant and disgusting love letter to the horror comics of old and the creative teams pay homage to its source material with tongue planted firmly in cheek. And despite its long history, this issue is perfectly accessible to those unfamiliar with the franchise – but be warned: this definitely ain’t for kids!

Creepshow #`






Genuine frights




Ick factor



  • Writers: Chris Burnham, Paul Dini, Stephen Langford
  • Artists: Chris Burnham, John McCrea
  • Colorists: Adriano Lucas, Mike Spicer
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Editors: Alex Antone, Jon Moisan

Credits (cont)

  • Designer: Jillian Crap
  • Publisher: Image Comics
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