Avengers: War Across Time #1If you’re in the mood for a retro-tastic blast to the past, then Avengers: War Across Time #1 might be for you.

Set after Avengers #11 (1964), in which Earth’s Mightiest Heroes first meet Spider-Man, War Across Time is yet another “lost” story that exists within the blanks of established canon, fittingly placing them against the time-busting villain Kang the Conqueror. And this is early Kang we’re talking about, before decades of continuity and character development made him resemble anything approaching sympathetic. Add a mind-controlled Hulk to the mix, and uh oh!

Written by former DC Comics president Paul Levitz in his Marvel debut, War Across Time does capture the tone and feel of the early Silver Age comics with astonishing accuracy, which means it may or may not be a deal-breaker for many. I personally like a little bit of that vibe from time to time, but anyone with a taste for more modern comics could be turned off. I do wonder if this approach can justify a whole series rather than just a one-shot, but that remains to be seen.

Furthermore, the fact that it’s drawn by the legendary Alan Davis will be another potential yuck or yum depending on the reader; his style isn’t totally accurate to that period of comics, but it’s still a more classic aesthetic than what you’d normally see nowadays. Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors definitely give his art a more modern feel than the flat coloring of that era; a little bit of the “new” with the “old” here. All things considered, if you’re a fan of classic superhero comics, then you can’t go wrong giving this one a look.

Avengers: War Across Time #1











  • Writer: Paul Levitz
  • Artist: Alan Davis
  • Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg
  • Letterer: VC's Cory Petit
  • Cover Artist: Alan David & Matt Hollingsworth

Credits (cont)

  • Editor: Tom Brevoort
  • Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
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