If you ever watched the movie “Falling Down” with Michael Douglas and thought, ‘I wonder what this would be like if it were set in an a utopian future where the put-upon office drone rebels against a technologically advanced society,’ then Mosely might just be the book for you. Actually if you’ve ever felt like the hapless put-upon at your own job or even in school, you may just relate to the protagonist of BOOM! Studio’s latest mini.

Mosely is set in a future where the human race has willingly become complacent to an alien race that has advanced the technology of Earth far beyond anyone’s imagination. Folks can spend their days and nights living out their wildest dreams in a VR wonderland, while others use the tech to improve themselves physically, living as overly powerful cyborgs. On the fringes of this new society is Marvin Mosely, a government worker-turned-janitor whose life has been irrevocably changed by these very beings, and has a serious axe to grind against these would-be gods.

There’s a helluva lot to unpack with this book, but the various facets make it an experience that is equally fun and intriguing. Writer Rob Guillory has created an incredibly cool hero in Marvin Mosely, a man who has made personal sacrifices in name of building a better world. In just thirty short pages, he see the character as he starts to rise, inexplicably fall, and then begin to rise again. Guillory presents a compelling narrative that explores the good and bad of Mosely’s sacrifice, both in how he sees the world he helped create and in how others, including his daughter, perceive it. Mosely is, at its core, about a father rising above his station to save the world, but where the cost may be greater than even he can know.

As outlandish as the story sounds, the artwork brings it to life in truly spectacular ways. Sam Lotfi’s illustrations are beautiful; he balances the more grounded feel of the book’s opening pages with a subdued, but stylistic depiction while letting loose with a barrage of video game-inspired aesthetics during the scenes set in the far future. Jean-Francois Beaulieu’s coloring is just fantastic and perfectly captures the look of the world that is equally utopian and dystopian. Blending a character study with an orgy of sci-fi sensibilities is an inspired choice as Mosely creates a world that is essentially “The Matrix” by way of “Avatar”, while adding a dash of cyberpunk noir and Asimov-fantasy. Buy this book!

Mosely #1










World Building



  • Writer: Rob Guillory
  • Artist: Sam Lotfi
  • Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
  • Letterer: Andrew Thomas
  • Editor: Sierra Hahn

Credits (cont)

  • Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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