Quince #3

Creator: Sebastian Kadlecik
Writer: Kit Steinkellner
Artist: Emma Steinkellner
Publisher: Fanbase Press

A review by Anelise Farris

Quince #3 CoverQuince #3 continues the story of Lupe, a 15-year old Latina girl who has an extra-magical quinceañera. A typical quinceañera is full of gorgeous dresses, delicious food, and fun activities with family and friends; it is an important coming-of-age ceremony for Latina girls. So, how could this ceremony get any better you might ask? Well, it just might if you receive superpowers as a gift! Thus far in the series, Lupe has been prepping for her quinceañera, accidentally destroying (and repairing!) a bathroom with her superpower strength, and trying to determine whether her abilities are “real” or not.

In Quince #3, Lupe has come to the realization that her abilities are real, but certainly not easy to use! Lupe’s abuela becomes her coach, as she shares with her about her own super-powered experiences at 15. There is a wonderful humanity, relatability to the characters in this comic, and you can’t help but want to be Lupe’s best friend. The humor is genuine, and her assertion that flying is dumb, difficult, and overrated is totally not what one would expect to hear, and I love her for it.

The art is comforting and youthful, with round line-work and inviting colors. Quince is warm and uplifting, and the art and the writing marry beautifully together to achieve that. And while the art might seem simple on the surface, the use of black and white in the flashback scene and the frozen-time panels in Quince #3 infuse the series with a certain complexity. Quince is a much-needed series about a Latina superhero—unique not only because of its protagonist but also because of the way the comic is so deftly handling all of the joys and pains of coming of age.

The Verdict
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Quince is a 15-issue series about Lupe: one lovable Latina girl gifted with some unexpected superpowers. Hit up ComiXology the 15th of every month for a new issue (available in both English and Spanish).

Anelise Farris
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