Phoenix Resurrection #4

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Roman Rosanas
Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Review by Greg Brothers

Phoenix Resurrection #4 picks up right where the third issue left off. Jean has woken up from a night’s sleep and is heading off to work at the diner. She is trying to figure out the weird dreams that have been haunting her sleep. Meanwhile, the team that Kitty has put together is preparing to step through the door that has appeared. They are hoping to catch up with Jean before the Phoenix does.

Rosenberg continues to add elements of horror to Phoenix Resurrection #4. While it is not gory horror, it has more of a psychological thriller feel to it.  Some of the characters can see the impending doom and are trying to avoid it, while Jean is oblivious to what events and battles are going on around her. Quite a few of the mysteries that have been introduced in previous issues are explained here. The sudden appearance of many of the long-deceased X-men is finally explained here. The explanation fits the narrative of what the Phoenix force has been trying to do to reach its end goal. The fight with the deceased X-men was a bit underwhelming. However, it was not very important to the story moving forward, so it was probably for the best as an extended fight sequence may not have left enough time for the other parts of the story to move forward.

It is Rosanas’ art and Rosenberg’s colors that really lend to the horror theme of Phoenix Resurrection #4. The mere destruction that is left in the wake behind Jean is a great reminder of just how powerful and all consuming the Phoenix Force is. While not filled with destruction, the panels at the diner have an eerie and unnerving feel to them. The stillness in the panels leaves you waiting for what is next. And that final full-page panel needs to be made into a print and sold. As has been the case with most of the series, the character designs match up well and make it easy to identify each of them. Rosenberg continues to impress with her coloring which really brings the manifested Phoenix to life with an assortment of colors blending together to make it feel like the flames are moving.

Verdict: Buy it.

Phoenix Resurrection #4 moves a little bit slower than the previous three issues. That is understandable as it sets up what is sure to be the decisive battle in the next issue. The creative team has been able to blend smooth dialogue and interesting plot with a style of art that is sure to give you the creeps (in the best way). By the end of Phoenix Resurrection #4, the power of the Phoenix Force is in full display as we prepare for the last battle.

Gregory Brothers
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