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Dylan explores the single player side of everyone’s favorite multiplayer brawler, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Surprisingly, he finds that it doesn’t drag as much as a tacked on single player mode should, and the puzzle elements of each match up present some fun challenge. Ryan takes a break from boring you with Kingdom Hearts shenanigans and instead talks about a book about gaming, Blood, Sweat and Pixels by Jason Schreier from Kotaku. These inside stories from development are always cool to hear, so track down a copy of the book if you want a deep dive into some of your favorite titles.

News –

GDC has come and gone, and Google is looking to shake up the industry in big ways with the Google Stadia. Will the giant infrastructure problems that plague the United States doom this device from the get go? The biggest problem: consumer grade internet data caps. We will be keeping an eye on things to see if streaming is really the future of gaming. Also, surprising no one, there are rumors that there are multiple versions of the Nintendo Switch being made, from a handheld only version of the machine to what essentially amounts to a Nintendo Switch Pro. But more importantly, this announcement delay’s Dylan’s eventual purchase of a new system…

Competitive Corner – 

Ryan took a little trip to Burbank a few weeks ago to see Overwatch League, and Dylan grills him about the experience. The League recently announced all team will be playing matches in their respective cities for Season 3, with Philadelphia Fusion building a brand new stadium specifically for this.

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