19 Days is back and last week we saw Mo Guanshan and He Tian romantically frolicking in the river while Jian Yi casually looks on. I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen next the only thing I’m hoping is that it’s going to something interesting because the manhua’s plot is dragging. It’s a drag now and we need something mindblowing to happen. Will it happen? Let’s find out…


Jian Yi has come home to find brother Qiu in his living room. According to brother Qiu he needs to leave the house and is need of protection…


Yes!! Some angst!!! The plot was becoming too boring for me with the romantic story that was going nowhere so I’m happy for some major gangster plot. Also we have the return of hot silver-hair guy, who I thought was protecting Jian Yi this entire time. I feel like Old Xian forgot this storyline and has now only just remembered it. Not that I’m complaining.

This is very tense. Someone is after Jian Yi’s head!! I honestly wonder who it is?! His dad is clearly looking after him and I’m going to take a wild guess and say his mother is also safe…I hope….

If I’m being totally honest this is a boring chapter and I don’ think there is much more I can say about it. There is nothing about the visuals that really stand out to me, it’s cementing the next arc so it can’t give us too much information. I don’t mind as it’s building some tension for the next chapter. Take it or leave it if I’m honest…

Next Chapter 

Hopefully a continuation of this. I want a new fresh(ish) storyline. Not the usual we’ve been getting for the past half the year. This manhua needs to pick up the pace!!

You can read 19 Days here

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