At this point, it feels like Square Enix is doing anything they can to delay working on Kingdom Hearts 3. Their newest diversion comes in the form of a mobile game that was originally a free online game back in 2013. The stylized adventure is now available as a freemium game titled Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

The premise of Unchained X is that of a diving off point. It was designed to introduce newcomers to the vast, rich, often complicated (even for veteran players) Kingdom Hearts universe. As per usual, this game has you wielding a Keyblade as you battle through bad guys from the Disney universe while finding and helping allies from both Disney and Final Fantasy. You play as an avatar of yourself and play quick quests all tied together with a very basic story.

The gameplay is RPG with weapon and equipment upgrades galore. A product of its time, Unchained X is a pay-to-win game with many microtransactions. You can grind to upgrade or simply buy them. The game is happy to remind you these upgrades exist and they range from a dollar to one hundred dollars.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is free to download on Android and iOS as of today.

Now if they could just focus purely on the third game in the main series that they’ve been teasing for about eight years…

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