By now I assume you’ve all watched Stranger Things?! If not then spoilers ahead…



… I assume that if you’re reading this then you have definitely, most certainly seen the Netflix Original Series and that you agree with me when I say it is, without a doubt, one of THE. BEST. SHOWS. AROUND!!! It stars Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, who lives in a small Indiana town in 1983 – When Joyce’s 12 year old son, Will, seems to be missing, she launches an investigation into his disappearance with local authorities. At first, the authorities don’t seem to care until they start searching for answers, that is when they begin to unravel a serious of extraordinary and bizarre mysteries involving secret government experiments, scary supernatural forces and a very unusual, but adorable little girl.


From it’s creepy and original plot to the amazing performances by the cast (both young and old). Stranger Things has caught the hearts of millions and deserves the 9.1/10 on IMDB as well 90% by Rotten Tomatoes. The web series mixes dark storyline with childhood innocence so perfectly, I found myself tearing up whenever the children argued, or hugged out their friendship, or talked about their friendship and on their friendship in general. Everything about it was perfect. There was no sex, not much in terms of foul language, no nudity for the sake of nudity (Looking at you GoT), nothing triggering at all. Completely and utterly original. Winona Ryder puts on a stellar performance as the troubled mother and the kids will just blow you away!! I could go on and on and on about this show until the cows come home.

Stranger Things

Of course with every new series, we get new FUNKO POPS!! However nothing is official as of yet!! From what I’ve gathered, they need to get the rights from the Duffer Brothers (creators of Stranger things). So for the time being, the Funko team are literally teasing us!


The first character they’ve created is fans favourite Eleven, played by the adorable Millie Bobby Brown.

Here I give you the first look of Eleven as a Funko Pop, all with nosebleed, dirt on her face and those Eggo Waffles she’s obsessed by. In order for Eleven to hit the shelves, the Duffer Brothers need to sign and they may even need to get the permission from Kellogs, owners of Eggo.

funko-unveils-their-stranger-things-eleven-pop-figure1Also this week they released another possible creation in the Stranger Things Funko Pop family. They’ve unveiled the design for the unfortunate but a fan favourite, Barb. Barb’s circumstance created an uproar amongst the Stranger Things fanbase due to the fact that the fate of her character didn’t seem a big deal in comparison to Will, who came under the same circumstance. But fear not loyal fan-base, the Duffer Brothers have promised Justice for Barb in the second series!


Other characters that might be created include Dustin (my favourite character so this NEEDS to happen), Dr. Brenner as well as The Demogorgon itself!

Which Stranger Things characters would you like to see as Funko Pops? Leave your comments below!

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