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Film Runners

Film Runners 002: Southland Tales (2006) is a bizarre film that runs so much longer than any of us expected, but it is an entertaining look at how Richard Kelly viewed 2006. Scientists are saying the future is going to be way more futuristic than we expected.


Billy Seguire (@thebillyseguire)
Insha Fitzpatrick (@benwyyatt)
Michael Walls-Kelly (@mwallsk)

Official Twitter: @thefilmrunners

Air Date: 2017/07/09

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Billy Seguire
A Toronto-based writer and reviewer who thrives on good science-fiction and stories that defy expectations. Always tries to find a way to be excited about what he's doing. Definitely isn't just two kids in a trenchcoat. Co-Host of Scooby Dos or Scooby Don'ts.

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