Things are a bit slow on Dragonball Super this week, but I have a great feeling about the future, if you’ll forgive the pun.

This episode starts out with Bulma figuring out the Time Machine’s inner workings thanks to the notes her future self left.  Emperor Pilaf and the other children are helping by acting as pit crew and bringing Bulma all the parts she needs.  As Future Trunks comes by to check on progress, young Mai begins to swoon just from looking at him. Young Trunks is still jealous of this, ironically. You’re…the same person…oh nevermind.  In a cute moment, young Trunks is helping Mai get parts for the machine, and sees a woodsaw. He manages to clip it on to his back similar to Future Trunks’ sword, and flips his hair back proudly. Young Mai simply asks what he is doing and continues with her work. He’s trying at least!


Future Trunks realizes he could use this time in the present to meet his master from the future, Gohan. He tells everyone about how Gohan trained him, and he knows everything he does because of him. He explains the sad story of Gohan’s life in the future. His father dead, his friends killed, he and Trunks were the only remaining Saiyans. In an attempt to give Earth a chance, Gohan agreed to train Trunks in martial arts. One day in the future when Androids appeared, however, they were going to try and stop his attack, and Gohan decided Trunks was not ready. Knocking him out cold, Gohan rushed in alone, and was killed.


This led to Future Trunks becoming a Super Saiyan for the first time, in line with the original Dragonball Z series. So, because of their history even if current Gohan doesn’t know it, Future Trunks goes to visit and pay his respects to his mentor.  Future Trunks has a very, very strange life. It must be a pretty big emotional strain to see your friends dead, alive, and dead again. Confusing!


As they share a nice, relaxing day together waiting for dinner, Future Trunks is surprised at Gohan’s peaceful lifestyle. He is working hard at his company, and clearly become a calm family man instead of the martial arts master he knew. After spending some time with them, he realizes this is exactly what he needed. A reminder of what he is fighting for – peace. So children like Pan can grow up without fear. Though, I suppose Pan is a bad example, with the way she wields a sword in this episode! Refreshed and determined,  he flies off into the night after saying his goodbyes and thanking Gohan and family.


Before the episode ends, we get our cliffhanger hook- Whis has found a clue to Black’s origins. Someone in Universe 10 has a similar, if not exactly the same, ki vibes. Whis recognized it when Black first appeared. As Whis, Beerus and Goku fly off to Universe 10 (leaving Vegeta behind! Why?), we are greeted by a giant, empty field with one titanic tree. Someone with green skin, a white Mohawk, and the clothes and earrings symbolizing Kaihood is bringing tea towards the tree. Who awaits Goku and the others?! Dragonball Super is taking a break for a week, so tune back in on the 31st to find out!

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