Downtown Bookworks

For the next two weeks (March 1st to March 15th), Downtown Bookworks (a woman-owned and women-run business) will be donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of My First Book of Girl Power and The Big Book of Girl Power to Planned Parenthood.

Women’s rights to quality healthcare are under attack and it’s time to stand up and do what you can! The resistance has begun, and girls are in it to win it!

“When women get together to do good things, nothing and nobody can stop them!” – The Big Book of Girl Power

Downtown Bookworks

Amelia Wellman
I read, I write, I play videogames, Ghostbusters is my favourite thing in the known universe, but quasars come in at a close second. I've been known to cry at the drop of a hat over happy and sad things alike. I've also been known to fly into a rage if things don't go my way, leading to many a fight in high school and breaking someone's nose on the TTC one time. I'm an anxious introvert but also a loud-mouthed bad influence. Especially on my cat. He learned it from watching me, okay!

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