Deadpool & the Mercs for Money #2
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Salva Espin
Colourist: Guru-eFX
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Editors: Heather Antos, Jordan D. White
Publisher: Marvel

A review by Amelia Wellman  

Deadpool & the Mercs for Money #2 Cover ImageDeadpool & the Mercs for Money issue two picks up a short time after issue one ends. A good thing too because the first issue ended with Deadpool putting a junky robot up for bids on a villain message board. Imagine if this issue had just been Deadpool and his gang o’ mercs obsessively checking to see if they had any replies. I mean, if any comic was going to do that, it would be Deadpool, but I’m glad that they didn’t choose to go quite so meta here.

Like most (if not all) Deadpool stories, this series is about as subtle as a kick in the throat. No character development, no deep plot full of mystery, no revelations at the end. Just quips, threats, and ass-kicking. This issue has the team split into groups of two to each proposition a different buyer. The humour is prominent and, in an interesting twist, Deadpool has fewer panels dedicated to his shenanigans so that the other characters can be featured more. None of the characters are developed as much as they could be though and the fact that they aren’t comes off like a lack of enthusiasm. The secondary characters do end up playing well off each other though, so at least there’s that.

The art in issue two of Deadpool & the Mercs for Money is exactly like it was last issue: clean and colourful with action/violence/gore packed in to satisfy all of our Deadpool related bloodlust. Like before it retains its exaggerated but not over-exaggerated style and continues to be a good stylistic choice for Deadpool’s cartoon-like antics.

The Verdict
Buy it!
Deadpool & the Mercs for Money might not be the greatest Deadpool story to ever be told, but this one-shot storyline continues to be a lot of fun as everyone’s favourite merc with a mouth continues to make a bad situation worse!

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