Dark Fang #1

Writer:Miles Gunter
Artist:Kelsey Shannon
Letterer:Taylor Esposito
Publisher:Image Comics

Review by Greg Brothers

Vampires! One of the most classic monsters to exist. They have been used in horror, suspense, thrillers, and even comedies. It is really what keeps many of the stories that choose to include vampires from being boring. It is easy to have a unique take on vampires. However, that does not mean that the unique take will be successful. So where does Dark Fang #1 come in?

Dark Fang #1 introduces us to Valla. She was a simple fisherwoman who late one night was bitten and turned into a vampire. She was never to become the bride of the vampire who bite her. Instead, she became their slave and was made to clean up after them. Eventually she revolts against her captors to claim her freedom and retreat to the darkest place she knows: the depths of the ocean?!

So, as you have probably guessed, Valla is not a traditional vampire. And Dark Fang #1 is not a traditional vampire story. That becomes obvious from the first couple of panels as Valla discovers the power of the internet and tokens. As more is revealed about Valla, her intentions become clear. Gunter walks a fine line in his story telling. While the foundation is steeped in traditional horror, many modern-day elements are added. This presents a story that is unique while toeing the line of becoming preachy.

The art for Dark Fang #1 is bright and cartoonish. Instead of dark and shadowy scenes, deaths are treated in a comedic way. At one point one of Valla’s minions is beheaded and spends the rest of the time carrying it around. This lends to the distinct feel that the team is going for.

Wait and see.
Dark Fang #1 works hard to toss the traditional vampire story out of the window. However, in doing so the team risks losing readers. The backdrop of environmental issues creates a blurred line that borders on preachy and lacks the emotion that readers may be looking for.

Gregory Brothers
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