The Overwatch Cinematic team delivers again, this time with a short dedicated to esports savant Hana Song aka D.Va.

The cinematic, named Shooting Star, focuses on the disconnect between Korean media and the horror’s of defending the city from hostile omnics. While the media treats Hana like a, ahem, diva, the reality is that she is a dedicated soldier who cares for her mech in her downtime. The weight of losing others in her unit hangs heavy on her shoulders, and she takes defending Busan very seriously. I was getting serious Pacific Rim vibes from the cinematic, thanks to the MEKA Lab residing in the sea as a line of defense for the city. It is interesting to see these incredibly hostile omnics and their desire to destroy Busan, and makes me wonder what makes playable omnics who are considered ‘good guys’ make that choice to not destroy humans.

Shooting Star debuted at Blizzard’s Gamescom panel, and also served as a small teaser to a new control map, Busan. The three smaller maps of Busan will show off different angles of the city, including the MEKA lab featured heavily in the cinematic. An additional surprise? The new map will be on the PTR today for players to try out.

This weekend is the Overwatch League All-Stars Weekend, featuring show matches such as pro players playing Mystery Heroes and Lucio Ball. You can watch all the action at

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