Our favorite cartoon is back! Steven Universe will be back May 12 on Cartoon Network, for a four week special event entitled: In Too Deep. The promo for the event was just released and there are so many happy, sad, intense and wandering thoughts going through my head (and probably yours as well).

Besides the cluster, it seems like Steven and the Crystal Gems have so much more to deal with than just that. Yellow Diamond looks like she’s ready to completely destroy earth and Malachite is coming back ready and willing to tear the Crystal Gems to pieces (let’s all just hope that Lapis is going to be okay in the aftermath).

There are so many things in the promo that questioning minds want to know, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when show airs.

Steven Universe will be back on Cartoon Network, Thursday, May 12 at 7PM.  

Check out the promo here!

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