Captain Ultimate Review

Have you heard all about the Captain Ultimate Kickstarter? No? Well let us tell you!

“A long time ago, the world’s most renowned superhero disappeared and justice was handed over to the grim-n-gritty vigilantes that blurred the line between the righteous and the wicked. Everyone forgot what it truly meant to be a hero… until the day the Giant Robot Octopus Alien Monster attacked! When one little boy finds the courage to stand up to this alien invader, it just might be enough to inspire the return of the world’s greatest superhero…”

Heck YEAH, Captain Ultimate! As per our contributor, Amelia, “Captain Ultimate is an all-ages superhero series created by Joey Esposito, Ben Bailey, and Boy Akkerman that’s published digitally by MonkeyBrain Comics. Captain Ultimate has been well received but, as is the nature of the beast (the beast being the direct market) Captain Ultimate is having a hard time finding a home in print.

Enter their Kickstarter! With a pretty modest goal of $15,000 dollars, this Kickstarter is looking to collect issues #1–6 in physical copies. Their final goal price includes the printing, shipping, and distributing costs (via Diamond) so kids and kids-at-heart all over the world can order the book from their local comic shop, library, or book store!”

Rogues Portal has an EXCLUSIVE with the Captain Ultimate Kickstarter. We’ve teamed up with artist Boy Akkerman to bring our world and the Captain Ultimate world together. Well, kind of. Boy will draw YOU into OUR logo in an original design that he’s put together (HOW COOL IS THAT?!).

Rogues Portal Digital Commission: $15+ – Limited to 20
Have yourself drawn into an original Rogues Portal digital illustration by Boy Akkerman. The first 20 people who send us a confirmation of the amount pledged will be eligible for one of these RP exclusives.

If you pledge ANY amount $15 or higher, you will be eligible for this perk. Get em fast!


Please email the confirmations to with the subject “Captain Ultimate Kickstarter” to have your pledge processed. This is limited to the first 20 people to reply – first come, first served.

Stephanie Cooke
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